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HD Project Guide

Welcome to the HD Project guide! This will hopefully serve as a handy guide to people looking to get into our different projects, and help you figure out which project to go to from here, whether you're a new reader or someone just looking for a new thing to dive into.

Creators: The primary people who work on the project- other people may pitch in from time to time.
The description of the project in question.
Status: Whether the project is ongoing, on hiatus, canceled, etc
Rating: Either General (16+), Mature (18+), or Explicit (18+ and more intentionally pornographic versus what'd be more likened to an R rated movie). If something's 18+ and you're a minor, don't get into it! You're better off going through one of the General rated projects.
Pre-Requisites: What information you'd be best off having before going through the project, complete with applicable wiki links in case you want to speedrun a bit- though if it recommends reading a specific project first, you'll probably want to do that instead. Please do that.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: What worldbuilding concepts/lore get introduced in this project- this is a great way to figure out what projects to start with if you're looking to get into some specific aspect of Morbit more organically!
Character Introductions: Same as worldbuilding/lore, but for characters. Some characters have multiple entry points into the canon, especially if they have different points in time where they're it
Links: Where you can find the projects!

General HD

HD Wiki

Creators: All team members + community support
A wiki meant to share knowledge about Homebrew Deviants projects.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+), all 18+ content kept heavily spoiler warned and brief to avoid being overly explicit
Pre-Requisites: None. Good for clicking around and getting into projects.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: We’ll have information on everything with links to their project sources, ideally.
Character Introductions: Same as worldbuilding/lore. Click on links in the project guide entries for more information!
Links: You're looking at it!

Grandma Simulator

Creators: Molasses (original), Mraof (recode)
A tool used to generate custom, randomized recolors of TCPs, clothing designs, and anything else the team can get their hands on. Can do fancy patterns as well as simple palette swaps. Used to be available on public facing discord bot, now kept locked away to team members, with the results available through commissions and community events.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: None.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: None.
Character Introductions: None.
Links: N/A, though examples of Grandma Recolors can be found everywhere throughout the community.

General Morbit

Morbit Species Resources + Development

Creators: All team members
Morbit’s large and forever growing collection of open species, ready for characters and stories of all kinds to be made. Status: Ongoing forever
Rating: General (16+) with potential of Explicit (18+) information being released behind an age gate on the forums.
Pre-Requisites: None, easy to enjoy without reading any Morbit projects. All species are open, and characters can be created without prior knowledge.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Introduces Morbit species in detail, though many of these details can be picked up naturally through projects as you go. Still, nice to have, especially if you’re planning on making OCs.
Character Introductions: N/A

Sbnkalny Morbit Generators

Creators: Mraof, various team members
Morbit species generators run through the Sbnkalny Discord bot, allowing users to generate randomized character prompts for their own creative purposes. Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: Requires some knowledge of Morbitian species to get a general gist of what the generated characters would look like, but these can be easily looked up in the Morbit species guides.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: None.
Character Introductions: None.
Links: N/A, found in the Morbit Discord.

Tiny Cat People

TCP: Void Session

Creators: Mortis Velasquez (Creator/Artist/Main Writer), B. Comorant (Composition Artist/Editor), Ari (Writer/Editor), Zenthis (Writer/Editor)
A tent type tiny cat person begins his life in a world of hills and fields.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+) for suggestive conversation/innuendo, cartoon violence/body horror/gore, abuse/child abuse-adjacent content, drugs, existential bullshit/unreality, and torture
Pre-Requisites: None. One of the best entry projects.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: TCP as a concept/game/species, divine hierarchy + demonhood, collectives
Character Introductions: Voidsy, Eastwood, Wretch, Miller, Spit, Wax, all of the Void Session TCPs, ????
Links: Void Session Mirror, Current Thread, Discussion Thread

TCP: Arcade Session

Creators: Knux400 (Creator/Artist/Main Writer), Mortis Velasquez (Writer/Character Designer)
A mothlie by the name of Trinket visits an arcade and plays a relaxing game of TCP, but she quickly gets much more than she bargained for…
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: Optionally Void Session, ideally some understanding of Morbit itself.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: TCP Arcades, introduction of some Morbit species.
Character Introductions: Trinket, 6Q, Pickle, Arcade Session TCPs, ????

TCP: Pre-Alpha Session

Creators: Lucy and Pear
A tcp session where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Also its an alpha version.
Status: Hiatus
Rating: 18+ ass
Pre-Requisites: Optionally Void Session, ideally some knowledge of collectives (See: Void Session)
Character Introductions: Hazel, Gumby, Pre-Alpha Session TCPs, ????
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Older versions of TCP, different types of collectives, a lot of other stuff that’ll be spoilers.
Links: Will be updated when active again

TCP Gauntlet

Creators: Mortis Velasquez, Knux400, Ari, assorted guest DMs
The TCP gauntlet is a roleplay centered on a large collection of TCPs trying to survive a deadly game show.
Status: Hiatus
Rating: General (16+) for death, cartoon gore, violence, body horror, drugs
Pre-Requisites: General Morbit worldbuilding knowledge.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Introduces the organization Toon Hell
Character Introductions: Dropdead, Meatball, Dinky, Pepper (TCP), Obscura, Vile
Morbit RP Server


Creators: Knux400 (Main Creator/Writer/Artist), Mortis Velasquez (Artist/Writer), B. Comorant (Artist), Zenthis (Artist)
The ultimate compendium of TCP types and more. Frequently updated by a dedicated team of researchers!
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+) for body horror, cartoon gore, violence mentions
Pre-Requisites: None
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Definitive introduction to TCPs as a species, contains information on all released types of TCP and related commissions.
Character Introductions: Hellrazer, Lens (both through research notes)


Creators: Mortis Velasquez
A roleplay where participants play as randomly generated TCPs spawned and raised in the TCPdex Research Facility, released into various housing programs and sent off to research the world around them.
Status: Theoretically open for existing participants, not currently being run by Mortis. Possibly being turned into something new.
Rating: General (16+), content warnings vary massively due to content being user-focused.
Pre-Requisites: Some knowledge of morbitian TCPs, Void Session and TCPdex reading recommended. Other than that, nothing- good entry project for those looking to take part in the community, open to anyone.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Scraps, TCP spawning points, Morbitian holidays, headspaces, all stuff that can and will be explored in other projects, but are fun to encounter directly through roleplay!
Character Introductions: Hellrazer

Punch Clock Animal


Creators: Mortis Velasquez (Creator/Artist/Writer), Ari (Writer/Editor), B. Comorant (Composition Artist/Editor)
A creature that may or may not be a cat attempts to escape the nightmarish facility dominating Precipice’s body modification scene- The Menagerie.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: Mature (18+) for heavy gore, sexual content, extreme body horror, child abuse/death, violence, ritual abuse, parental abuse, cannibalism, emetophobia, sexual abuse, torture, depictions of severe trauma, and unreality.
Pre-Requisites: None, though due to the severe content in this project, it’s not necessarily the best entry project, and should only really be tackled first if you’re sure you’re okay for it and know you’re comfortable with hard horror content.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Horror mutation, the Menagerie, maybecats, Spit’s cult, Devil’s Advocacy, scrap forms
Character Introductions: Suplex/May, Nelson, Dwayne, Chance, Doc Fuller, Anya Artag, Maes Artag, Melanie Artag, Mason Artag, Spit, Chelsea Smiles
Links: Official Mirror, Current Thread, Discussion Thread

Masa con Papas

Creators: Comorant
Semi-Interactive Story about a bunch of kids abducted by a supernatural entity into a anachronistic wasteland. May involve resolving a family curse.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 16+
Pre-Requisites: N/A
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Angels, Alternate dimensions/planes, scraps, proxies, fiends, morbit witchcraft, other various supernatural elements.
Character Introductions: Charon Judgment, Geezer, Erica Judgment, Arabis

Universal Constants

Creators: B. Comorant (Writer/Artist), Mortis Velasquez (Writer/Artist)
First season of Punch Clock Animal, non-interactive comic. A perfectionist surgeon and her devil-may-care assistant find solace in each other and their work.
Status: Upcoming/In Development
Rating: Mature (18+) for explicit sex, nudity, heavy gore and body horror, child abuse, ritual abuse, heavy religious content/abuse, medical abuse, pregnancy, possibly more due to the script still being written.
Pre-Requisites: Optionally Maybequest and Masa con Papas due to them being prequels, but should be open as an entry project if written as intended. Should you start with this one? Probably okay to, when it’s out.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Horror mutation, angels, scraps, scrap forms/proxies, demonhood, Devil’s Advocacy, the Menagerie
Character Introductions: Charon Judgment, Maes Artag, Bucket Judgment, Chelsea Smiles, Rein, Spit, Anya Artag, Erica Judgment, Synna
Links: N/A

Associated Oneshots/Side Projects

A Very Morbit Holiday Special

Creators: B. Comorant (Writer/Artist), Mortis Velasquez (Writer/Artist)
Miller exchanges letters with an old friend during the holiday season.
Status: Completed
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: Some knowledge of the characters involved (namely Miller, Chelsea Smiles, and Rein to a degree), though brushing up on them in the wiki should do you just fine. Void Session is also a great place to meet Miller and be introduced to her as a character!
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: None.
Character Introductions: Bucket Judgment (sort of, was first appearance to community but this project specifically is not vital to Bucket’s character development or introduction)


Creators: B. Comorant (Writer/Artist), Mortis Velasquez (Writer/Artist)
Side project for Punch Clock Animal. Chelsea Smiles and Bucket Judgment are forced to travel with a cultist named Matthias on a business trip, leading to secrets being revealed and a string of nightmares.
Status: Completed
Rating: Mature (18+) for sexual assault, misgendering, gore, violence, body horror, suggestive conversations, abuse, mind control, and death
Pre-Requisites: Some knowledge of who Bucket and Chelsea are. Wiki reading should do just fine! Knowledge of Spit’s cult and Rein are also recommended, check out Maybequest (or the wiki) for the former and the wiki for the latter.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Scraps (sort of), not much else
Character Introductions: Bazil Smiles, Derry Smiles, Matthias, Rein (first on-screen appearance for the community!)
Links: Forum Thread, Discussion Thread


Creators: Mortis Velasquez
An underground community is thrown into chaos as a mysterious force begins to terrorize its residents.
Status: Ongoing, occasional hiatuses
Rating: Mature (18+) for BDSM/kink as a major theme, not pornographic, more TBD
Pre-Requisites: Some knowledge of how Morbit works is recommended, though not entirely necessary to enjoy. Brush up on worldbuilding on the wiki first for the best experience!
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: TBD
Character Introductions: Spider, Chief, Clamour, a whole bunch of other minor side characters, no real major players
Links: Forum Thread, Discussion Thread

Glass Stew

Creators: Mortis Velasquez (Writer), B. Comorant, Ari, Loddite, Zenthis, Lucy (Editors)
Time can't change everything.
Status: Ongoing, updated extremely slowly
Rating: Mature (18+) for SA/CSA, incest, abuse, violence.
Pre-Requisites: Knowledge of Wretch and Spit as characters. Void Session reading highly recommended.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: None.
Character Introductions: Spit and Wretch feature and are centric as characters, but this is not an introductory material to them at all, and you really, really should read Void Session first.
Links: Forum Thread, Discussion Thread


Creators: Mortis Velasquez (Creator/Writer/Artist), Various Guest Writers
A modular construct runs an interactive stream, offering everything from interviews to sex gear reviews to clip requests. Interactive, ask blog style. Allows for anonymous interaction via CuriousCat, though the comic is entirely age gated on the forums, and does not have a mirror.
Status: Ongoing, updated off schedule
Rating: Explicit (18+ NSFW)
Pre-Requisites: None, though Morbit worldbuilding knowledge can definitely enhance the experience, especially when it comes to constructs and scraps.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: None that wouldn’t be found in other projects in a SFW context.
Character Introductions: Haywire, Envy, various guest characters
Links: Forum Thread


Creators: Mortis Velasquez (Writer/Artist), B. Comorant (Character Designer)
Status: In Development/Upcoming
Rating: General (16+) for violence and heavy body horror.
Pre-Requisites: Knowledge of the Taverne pantheon of gods, horrors, and scraps. Wiki should have a lot of information, though Void Session also has a fair bit on the Taverne pantheon.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Dead zones, parodies, more in-depth info on horrors
Character Introductions: Chella, Alani, Acanthus, Throat, Tattoo, Frantic, Procession, Elixir, Casher, Hospice, Wane (sort of)
Links: Forum Thread, Discussion Thread

Vest Party

Vest Party: Sleepwalker

Creators: B. Comorant, Mortis Velasquez
Non-interactive comic, potential plans to turn it into a video game later. A private detective protecting his community is brought to face his past. Status: In Development/Upcoming
Rating: General (16+) for abuse, unhealthy relationships, drugs, violence, gore, body horror, heavy themes of death, grief, trauma and recovery.
Pre-Requisites: None. A very solid entry project.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Scraps, horror mutation, terrors, scrap ghosts, scrap forms/proxies, the Luxson Horror Plague
Character Introductions: Flynt, Philly, Dovelace, Leo, Ashton, Melvin, Huck, Muriel, Stope, Lucy A., Hosse, Beth, Amy
Links: N/A

Vest Party (Main Series)

Creators: B. Comorant, Mortis Velasquez
A pair of private detectives are tasked with protecting their community against whatever comes their way, no matter how bizarre. Status: In Development/Upcoming
Rating: General (16+), content warnings TBD
Pre-Requisites: Technically none, though Sleepwalker will be heavily recommended due to it being a prequel.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: TBD
Character Introductions: Lucy A., Shrub, Hosse, more TBD
Links: N/A

Practice Makes Perfect

A set of projects taking place in the region of Modicium, a small island cluster in one of Morbit's seas, headed by Winds.


Creators: Winds
Interactive Project where a group of voices find themselves inside the head of a Demon.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+) For : Gaslighting, Emotional Manipulation/Abuse, Stylized Violence, Death, and Nationalism.
Pre-Requisites: None, serves as an entry point into the Modician region, also as the first work in the intended reading order of the Drowned Trilogy
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Scraps, Demons, Scrap Magic, Monsters, Horrors, Horror Radiation, Terrors, Modician Zones/Politics
Character Introductions: Daisy, Verity, Sam, Cillia, Damien, XLR, Cadence


Creators: Winds
A Regent, A God, A Worker, A Spy and a Civilian lives intersect.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: Mature (18+) Physical and Emotional Abuse, Romantic Manipulation and Exploitation, Sexual Manipulation and Exploitation, SA, Gaslighting, Unreality, Hallucinations, Narrative Gaslighting/Unreliable Narration, Torture, Death, Escapism, Childhood Trauma, Grief, Unhealthy power dynamics, Stalking. (This list is not final or comprehensive yet. Individual posts have their own CWs)
Pre-Requisites: Optionally Waterlogged As it gives the background for references to several events mentioned. But also functions standalone. Is the second entry in the intended reading order of the Drowned Trilogy.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Scraps, Demons, Scrap Magic, Gods, Modician Politics.
Character Introductions: Lain, Eli, Sophia Larkson, Roil, Torpor

A Weaver's Tale

Creators: Winds, TBD
A spider makes a plea for help
Status: Upcoming, Release date TBA
Rating: General (16+) for TBA
Pre-Requisites: Waterlogged Recommended, Hypnagogia Optional
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: TBA
Character Introductions: Loom, TBA
Links: N/A

Crankshaft Rafflesian

Crankshaft Rafflesian

Creators: B. Comorant
Two bastards on a robot island and their episodic adventures.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 16+, for mild violence, language.
Pre-Requisites: None. Great entry project.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Plaza, pardners, dueling culture, constructs, formal introduction to dopples.
Character Introductions: Dotty, Lex, Geezer (Adult), Targe, Spice ????

Dopple Effect

Creators: B. Comorant
Project Description: Two AI jump across time and space on a rescue mission.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 16+, language
Pre-Requisites: None. Does not need main Crankshaft Rafflesian project to be enjoyed.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Constructs, Angels
Character Introductions: Diane, Dorothy, Fizz, Papaya
Links: Forum Thread, Discussion Thread

Patchwork Kernel

Patchwork Kernel

Creators: Ari (writing) / Mortis Velasquez (art)
Burnt out from working customer service jobs, a nigh-indestructible construct is suddenly thrust into an unexpectedly dangerous line of work.
Status: Ongoing (temporary hiatus due to injury)
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: None. (though knowledge of basic Morbit terms like constructs will help) Good entry project.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Idyth (region), constructs, scraps, Ambit
Character Introductions: Juno, Ravine, Pulse, Pepper, Blink, Sasha, Idyth gods
Links: (start with episode 00)

Axon Coil


Creators: Ari
An empty synthetic body abruptly awakens with a newfound consciousness - entirely bereft of prior memories - and struggles with identity, the body they're stuck in, and their own existence.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: None. Good entry project.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: TBA
Character Introductions: Tether

Red Aviary Radio

Prismic △ Sanctum

Creators: Ari
Brightly-hued characters navigate their way through a logic-defying labyrinth using only their wits, pursuing a singular goal: find the exit.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: None. Good entry project.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: TBA Character Introductions: Mantis, Roux Links:


Creators: Ari
A collective must learn the rules of the strange, dreamlike world they find themself in, or they won't live long enough to find answers.
Status: Hiatus (due to injury)
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: None. Good entry project.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: The Abysm, The Vagary
Character Introductions: Metus


Creators: Ari
Seemingly the sole survivor of an unknown lab incident, Lucky can only survive with the cooperation of a group of “AI assistants”: You.
Status: Hiatus (due to injury)
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: None. Good entry project.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: TBA
Character Introductions: Lucky



Creators: Zenthis
Interactive project where you are a Gremlin trying to escape a large underwater pile of planes. Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+) violence, discussion of abuse, discussion of ableism
Pre-Requisites: None, is likely an unhelpful starting point for how morbit as a whole works, however.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: Cage, Gremlins, Scraps, Divine Hierarchy
Character Introductions: Turbine, Quarry, Fweb, Jarlin, Ronge
Links: Forum Thread, Discussion Thread

Torn to Shreds

An upcoming project, developed by Winds

Other Morbit

Other projects not found under a project umbrella/overarching category.

I’ve Had Enough Of You Bert Foogee

Creators: Lucy
A typewriter gains collective consciousness and types at an unsuspecting fool.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: General (16+)
Pre-Requisites: None, absolutely terrible starting point however.
Worldbuilding/Lore Introductions: not yet ;)
Character Introductions: Barby Flex, Bert Foogee

Not Morbit

Projects unrelated to Morbit or other distinct worldbuilds in any way.

Mistake Maker

Creators: Lucy
You (the MC) wake up in a room naked. Proceed to make horrible mistakes as you are hunted for sport.
Status: Eh. Ehhh.
Rating: Mature (18+) for violence, body horror, abuse themes and possible horny
Pre-Requisites: A good understanding of allegory
Links: Later

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