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Cerberus Type

“Storing multiple cerberus types in one place may seem like a good idea for organizational purposes, but it quickly becomes chaos when each TCP is hearing dozens of voices…”

ID: 0087
Type: Cerberus
Category: Creature
Height: 10.5 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Cerberus types exert a passive aura that gives anyone around them two additional voices in their head. These voices are different for each person, and seem more dependent on the target's personality rather than the cerberus type's personality.
Physical Appearance: Cerberus types are large TCPs with a body shape almost resembling that of a typical body-type, with digitigrade legs and a large, imposing frame. Their hands end in sharp claws, and they have a short tail as well as a collar around their necks. Each of their three heads has a canine snout with a nose and tongue. They have small dot eyespots and small, pointed earnubs.
Voice: Three different variations on yips and yaps.
Skin: Short, fluffy fur.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Cerberus types are not one consciousness like most TCPs, but rather three- one for each head. The three minds are generally in agreement about what they should collectively do, but they do squabble from time to time.

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