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Acid Type

“Acid types are often prone to feeling isolated or lonely as they are quite painful to touch. TCPs made of certain materials such as glass or metal will only experience a slight pain, but most other TCPs will get burns after even brushing past an acid type.”

ID: 0033
Type: Acid
Category: Nature
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Acid types can create and control acid at the cost of health. Minor tasks will not have any health cost, but as the size of the task increases, so does the health cost. Acid types will normally create acid that is the same potency as their own body, but they can choose to make the acid stronger or weaker with an additional health cost.
Physical Appearance: Acid types have droplet-shaped torsos with a very thin neck. Instead of feet, their legs end in a bubbling puddle and the rest of their body is similarly drippy. They have three droplet markings on their face and another on their belly. They have four small protrusions on their head, making their face vaguely resemble a skull and crossbones. They have standard dot eyespots.
Voice: Quiet glooping and hissing.
Skin: None
Fluid: An acidic version of TCP fluid. The potency of the acid varies from TCP to TCP- some acid types are extremely corrosive, whereas others are safer.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Acid types prefer contained, close quarters environments where they cannot burn or dissolve the surfaces around them. They are slow moving and often avoid intensive physical activity due to the dangers that come with their dangerous bodies. They are a solitary typing, and often avoid interaction outright. Acid types can eat anything with ease, but tend to lean towards spicy food type products. Bottling an acid type's fluid and selling it is a lucrative business, though with the variable nature of its potency, it's easy to get scammed.

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