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Garden Fountain Type

“Why are there so many TCPs that eat coins.”

ID: 0983
Type: Garden Fountain
Category: Storage
Height: 6.5 inches.
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: MAKE A WISH

Garden fountain types can store water or other liquids within themselves, constantly recirculating it. In addition, any coins that get thrown into the fountain will disappear once they touch the bottom, presumably to some sort of personal pocket dimension. It's impossible to retrieve them once this has happened, unless the garden fountain type allows it.
Physical Appearance: Garden fountain types are shaped like a multi-tiered fountain, and have three basins, the top of which being the smallest and the bottom being the largest. They have two arms, formed of fluid and extending from their middle basin, and two legs that extend from the bottom of their widest basin. They have curved, closed eyespots with small lashes and rounded earnubs. Their fluid pools in each basin and flows to the next basin below in three streams between each tier.
Voice: Water bubbling and pouring.
Skin: Hard, aged marble.
Fluid: Crystal clear water.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Garden fountain types vastly prefer outdoor environments, the more exposure to the open air and fresh foliage the better. They are particularly fond of tending to the gardens their typing is said to inhabit, even if their limbs and body shape can make this difficult. They aren't particularly social or asocial, making their way through lives with however many friends come their way. They have low energy levels and do not move around much, preferring to stay in a few places. Diet-wise, they enjoy vegetables and fruits, among other plant-based food type products. When a garden fountain type's body bends over, the water does not spill out aside from the designated areas, making for a surreal effect.

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