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Terrence Ryle

“I don't understand why they let him on this show. I really don't.”

ID: S084
Type: Drama/Lawyer, Ability anomaly
Category: Abstract/Creature (Hybrid)
Pronouns: He/They
Height: 6.5 inches
Ability: Due to Terrence’s ability anomaly, they have an active ability where if they can argue something well enough, it will actually become true. In addition, they can sacrifice health to enter an ascended form. While in this form, they can control the level of emotional energy in a room, increasing it or decreasing it at will. It is worth noting that if they increase the level of energy, they have no control over whether the energy will manifest itself as positive energy (happiness, excitement, hype) or negative emotional energy (arguing, crying, anger).
Physical Appearance: Terrence is a red and purple TCP with a torso resembling a suit jacket. They have two large eyespots that are connected in the middle and resemble the opening of a mask, and they have curved earnubs. Their entire body is divided vertically into two colors- red on the left and purple on the right, although this is inverted in the suit jacket. They typically wear a sparkly black cape and a pair of baggy sweatpants.
Voice: Happy TCP babbling and sad TCP babbling, simultaneously.
Skin: Standard skin
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: Terrence has gained several “arguechanted” effects over time, including but not limited to an indestructible cape, the complete inability to swear, enhanced strength, and the ability to choose what auras they are affected by.
History: Terrence has worked for many years as a professional game master, running various roleplaying games for clients all around Luxson. Most of his “arguechantments” were reportedly obtained in arguments with drunk people. It is unknown why exactly Terrence decided to enter the Gauntlet.
Personality: Terrence has an odd personality to say the least, and can be rude at times, but they are also quite protective of their friends, stepping in to intervene whenever danger arises.
Other Notes: None


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