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Beau System

Name: Beau System or Beau
Online Handle: [LOVERS_QUARREL] (shared)
Pronouns: He/Him or Plural They/Them
Age: 31 years old
Species: Poodle Concept with Love Motif
Home Zone: Wayside, Calliope

Rembrandt, known both online and in person as Remmy, is a quilt type TCP working on the Whimsy border as a clothing laborer and designer. Soft spoken yet privately moody, he finds himself using Felid Factor as a way to unwind and socialize after a stressful day at his job.

System Members

2024/03/05 03:06ringor mortis

Project Appearances

2024/02/24 04:07ringor mortis


While most of Remmy's background is yet to be revealed, it's clear that in the present day, he lives in an apartment by himself- while formerly having used to live with other clothing laborers in his company.


Remmy is a quiet guy who spends his time working on both his hobbies and career, completely devoted to his craft. He can come off as cheery online, but is a lot more subtle once people get to know him. Even so, he has a hidden temper, and spends a lot of his energy at work holding himself back from snapping.



Alias is Remmy's partner, and the two of them share a deep bond over their creative pursuits. Remmy also aids in making merchandise of Critters, and is one of the main beta testers for FriendZoo.


Foil is Remmy's close friend, though it's clear the two of them have flirtatious history. It's heavily implied that Remmy shut down Foil's advances, though it's unclear what his actual thoughts are on the matter.


Marcel offered Remmy a job designing fashion under her label, and the two's relationship has not been detailed beyond that.


Peg is one of Remmy's coworkers, and former roommate. He finds her rather annoying.


Flippance is one of Remmy's bosses.


Starla is one of Remmy's bosses.

Forum Trivia

  • Remmy's ideal first date location would be a cafe.
  • He enjoys snow, though it can sometimes make him melancholic.
  • He feels very strongly about fashion preferences, and considers clothes and textile work to be his entire life.
  • He greatly prefers comfort and style over utility when it comes to all things, but especially fashion.
  • He collects fabric scraps and buttons.
  • Remmy's favorite animal is the patchimus.
  • His favorite drink is coffee, with a lot of creamer.
  • Remmy has no idea how to drive, and takes the subway exclusively. He's done this every single day he's worked.
  • His hobbies are plushmaking, and beta testing FriendZoo.
  • His internet browser is typically full of Felid Factor tabs, fashion websites, and plushmaking forums. There's a lot of tabs.
  • His favorite snack food is shrimp chips.
  • When sleeping, he curls up into a ball to maximize how much is covered by his quilt body.
  • On his subway trips, he often reads books.
  • His ideal vacation would be a trip into the mountains.
  • If asked, he would describe himself as a simple guy who wants to make clothes for people who need them.
  • He doesn't go to parties if he can help it, and would probably bring something to play games with or a book to read if invited.
  • His trick or treat candy of choice would be anything with white chocolate.
  • His favorite Earth sea creature would be a beluga whale.
  • For Darkest Night, he wears spooky masks, or finds some kind of way to style his quilt into a vampire's cape.
  • He's not fond of eating food with dips due to the potential mess, but if he has to get one, it's ranch.
  • When it comes to how full the glass is, he veers half empty.
  • His favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character would be Leonardo.
  • With partners, he values creativity and drive. He admires people with passion and the ability to see those goals through, and wants someone he can jam with and work off of.

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