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Gore Type

“Many claim that the only place a gore type belongs is in a horror movie, but I find that to be a horrid misconception. The fact that their ability is so varied makes them ideal for medical work, and they should not be underestimated.”

ID: 0020
Type: Gore
Category: Body
Height: 12 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Gore types can sacrifice health to create miscellaneous internal organs on or inside whatever surface they touch. These organs appear to be completely random. Some resemble actual organs, such as a heart or a kidney, but some are seemingly random sacks or tubes of flesh. These organs never seem to function at all, although a few will pulsate occassionally.
Physical Appearance: Gore types are tall, imposing TCPs with indeterminate facsimiles of internal organs hanging around their chest and entirely replacing their head. They have long, digitigrade legs, long necks, and long arms. They have no eyespots and barely any earnubs to speak of.
Voice: Horrible squelching sounds.
Skin: Standard skin in most places, wet and squishy for the organs.
Fluid: Standard fluid with chunks of raw meat floating in it.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Gore types prefer dark, secluded environments, and avoid heat. Gore types do not have a preference for any activities, but are often seen to sit on their own and think to themselves. Gore types are not social, and are often solitary. These TCPs lean towards meat food type products, though blood type products are also very much enjoyed in gore type circles. Gore types have a stigma in society due to their fearsome appearances, but are just as varied as any other TCP, and show no inherent inclination towards violence.

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