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Box Type

“No one is sure why box type abilities deviate from the standard storage fare, especially with such a simple typing…still, I suppose it's harmless fun.”

ID: 0374
Type: Box
Category: Storage
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: OKAY (4)

If another being sits inside a box type, they will have a much more vivid imagination, seeing themselves flying a time machine, climbing a mountain, or even transforming or cloning themselves. Of course, none of these effects actually occur, but it's fun to make believe.
Physical Appearance: Box types are hollow, square TCPs with arms on their sides and legs on the bottom. They have four flaps extending outwards, the backmost flap having a pair of triangular extensions resembling earnubs. They have a pair of dot eyespots on the front, as well as a vertical stripe.
Voice: Light, hollow thunking and bumping.
Skin: Corrugated cardboard.
Fluid: Standard fluid. All of the fluid in a box type's body is located in the arms and legs.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Box types prefer environments where their cardboard won't be damaged, such as dry, indoor spaces. Due to their ability to store anything that would fit, box types enjoy creating collections, often bragging about their contents. Box types are social TCPs, and enjoy living in groups. Box types can fold their top flaps together, but can find it somewhat uncomfortable if they're too full up.

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