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Leaf Insect Type

“Although a leaf insect type is well-suited to hide among leaves with its specially shaped body, it's generally not a good choice for those affected by its aura. I've had to remove many unwary interns from the bushes…”

ID: 0321
Type: Leaf Insect
Category: Creature
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Leaf insect types encourage others to hide among the leaves.
Physical Appearance: Leaf insect types have long bodies ending in a large, leaflike tail. They have six legs, two circular markings on their face, and antennae in place of earnubs. They have round eyespots.
Voice: Soft clicking and skittering.
Skin: Smooth, glossy plant material.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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