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Fish Tank Type

“A fish tank type's ability to keep aquatic life alive indefinitely inside of them is incredible…aquariums are quite interested in them for employment.”

ID: 0514
Type: Fish Tank
Category: Storage
Height: 10 inches.
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Fish tank types can store any aquatic plant, animal, or decoration provided it fits within their confines. Any living things placed inside will survive indefinitely but will resume their normal course of life upon removal from the TCP.
Physical Appearance: Fish tank types have a rectangular prism for a body, with stubby legs on their bottom face and arms on their two side faces. Their front face has two large colored eyespots. Fish tank types have a lid on their top face that has their pointed earnubs in front of it. Contained within their glass body is a habitat fit for aquatic life, with a sand floor and various decor suited to the TCPs specific tastes.
Voice: Humming, sloshing, and splashing.
Skin: Glass and plastic.
Fluid: Water suited to its inhabitants.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Fishtank types do best in indoor environments, and tend to avoid direct sunlight and other weather conditions to avoid making the living things contained within them uncomfortable. Many fishtank types value their collections, and while all fishtank types spawn with the same decorations within them, it is very common for individuals to accessorize their interiors (with a bit of help from others). They are a lightly social TCP typing, and enjoy the company of people who will not disturb any occupants they have. They are careful about what kinds of food type products they ingest, with anything they eat potentially affecting the inhabitants of their tank. As such, they prefer meat food type products that are broken down in advance, or typings such as fish flakes. It is common for fish tank types to have tinted glass, though some are more or less transparent than others.

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