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Collision Type

“In all of my research, I’ve yet to find something with quite as much glee as a collision type given permission to run amok. Some specimens seem to get a sort of soothing effect from colliding objects together…or even eachother, with great fits of laughter and cheering.”

Notable Examples: Beeper

ID: 0002
Type: Collision
Category: Abstract
Height: 7 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Collision types can sacrifice health to enter an ascended form. While in this form, they can choose any two objects they can see and propel them towards each other, causing them to collide. This collision can be as forceful as the TCP chooses, although the objects in question may break under more powerful impacts- the objects themselves are completely unaltered and will still break the same way they normally would.
Physical Appearance: Collision types have an ordinary body shape, with large eyespots standard for an abstract type. Their body is divided into two colors vertically down the middle.
Voice: Soft beeps.
Skin: Standard skin
Fluid: Standard fluid, albeit bouncy
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Being abstract TCPs, collision types can adjust to most environments without difficulty. As long as they have plenty of things to collide together, they won't have much issue at all. Collision types are social, seeking out friendship with those who can tolerate their high energy levels. The diet of a collision type can be varied, with these TCPs easily able to adjust to any kind of food type product. However, it seems that many of them seem to take comfort and delight in food with many different flavors, leading to cooking being a common interest. It's considered very rude to place anything in between the two split halves of a collision type when it ascends, and will rarely be well received.

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