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Lobster Type

“We…do not know what a lobster is, still. They confuse us, even more than the usual alien typing…a crustacean of sorts, yes, but so different from the crobs and crabs of our world. So…long.”

ID: 0076
Type: Lobster
Category: Creature
Height: Data pending.
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Lobster types shed their outer shell regularly and without warning. This process cannot be controlled by the lobster type, though they can delay a shedding with some discomfort. While the new layer of armor grows back in, there is a period where lobster types are more vulnerable to physical harm.
Physical Appearance: Lobster types have four clawed arms and a thick tail ending in a three-pronged club shape. They have segmented armor all over their body, and a head with a pair of long mandibles in place of a mouth. Their eyespots are placed atop raised antennae, and they have long, pointed earnubs.
Voice: Soft burbling noises.
Skin: Hard carapace.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Lobster types prefer aquatic environments, preferably ones with lots of rocks to climb on and hide under. This typing is most active at night, and prefers to make a home/base of operations as secure as possible during the day. They are a solitary typing that, if given the chance, would be fine without much contact with other living things at all. They prefer fishy food type products along with aquatic plant-based ones, though generally meat-based will also do. While we do not have much information on what a lobster actually is, lobster types seem to enjoy making up trivia about the hypothetical creature and stating them as fact.

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