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Crow's Feet Type

“Body types often have an exaggerated version of the feature they represent on their own body, but crow's feet types take that a step further, with the wrinkles from their eyes extending all the way to their back in some cases.”

ID: 0246
Type: Crow's Feet
Category: Body
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: EYE LINER

Crow's feet types can sacrifice health to create wrinkle lines around any eye they touch.
Physical Appearance: Crow's feet types are large TCPs with an elongated neck. They have a large amount of wrinkles on their head and neck emanating from their curved eyespots. Their earnubs are small and pointed.
Voice: Soft, dry crinkling noises.
Skin: Standard skin, albeit wrinkled in some places.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Crow's foot types seem to enjoy sunny areas and are most often found living in the suburbs. Less of a hobby, many crow's feet type cats are very into their skin care routines, needing it due to the worry of dry skin. They will often get into small groups for things like knitting circles or book clubs, which actually becomes a huge place for gossip. They are very social and enjoy meeting new people to talk to or tell stories, but they have a hard time understanding when is not a good time to stop and chat. Their food type preferences are often considered a bit odd, with stale candies being a huge favorite, and other favorites being prunes, juice, and pudding. They like food that's easy to consume and may avoid trying new things. Crow's foot types seem to have a serious squinting issue, often leading to them needing glasses of some sort. While their eyes shouldn't be affected, this seems to just be a side effect of their particular body morph.

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