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Office Building Type

“Although extremely uncommon due to the hurricane of paperwork it would entail, there have been a few recorded instances of actual corporations being run from office building types.”

ID: 1026
Type: Office Building
Category: Storage
Height: 12 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Office building types contain a pocket dimension within them that contains several floors resembling a typical office building, complete with functional computers, water coolers, and elevators. Only office worker type TCPs and other related TCPs seem to be able to enter, and each one seems to have a specific time they are allowed to be inside.
Physical Appearance: Office building types are large, rectangular TCPs with rows of windows lining each side, as well as a wider bottom section with a set of double doors and an overhang. They have small dot eyespots and pointed earnubs.
Voice: Low thunks and whirrs.
Skin: Rough concrete.
Fluid: Drywall and plaster.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Office building types vary heavily in what kind of environments they prefer- being building types, many like being in the open air, but some prefer environments more similar to their own interiors. They are highly social and especially like to interact with office worker types and similar others, but any person willing to join in on activities tends to be welcomed. These TCPs, similar to office worker types, are compelled towards busywork and tedious activities, but seem to have some of that stress relieved by working with others. They are not picky when it comes to food type products, but we've noticed a trend in some enjoying fresh, clean water type products, as if from a water cooler. The interiors of an office building type vary wildly, and our specimens like to brag about the floor plans and architecture found within.

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