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Bicycle Type

“Some may argue that a bicycle type has less opportunities in life due to its limited mobility, but the specimens in my care seem more than content to live like this. They find ways to achieve their goals with relative ease, coming from a perspective none of us would understand…”

ID: 0178
Type: Bicycle
Category: Machine
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Bicycle types can convert movement of their pedals into forward or backward rotation of their wheels. While they can rotate their two wheels on their own in order to move around, they are able to travel much faster if someone is pedaling. The direction the wheels rotate depends on the direction the user is pedaling. If it is pedaled too fast or for too long, the TCP will become tired. Pushing the TCP further after this point will cause it pain or make it unable to move at all until healed.
Physical Appearance: Bicycle types have a greatly altered body shape, only slightly resembling a standard TCP. Their arms and legs are bent in order to form holders for the wheels, there is a tail that ends in a long, flat surface in order to form a seat, the head is open at the top to allow storage of small objects, and the earnubs form handlebars. It has a set of pedals stemming from a panel on its lower torso. The TCP has six vertical slit eyespots, three on each side, as well as a stripe running down the length of it. It may only move its arms, legs, and head to a limited extent.
Voice: Metallic sqeaking and creaking.
Skin: Hard and plasticlike. The wheels are coated in a sturdy rubber that grips most surfaces.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Bicycle types prefer outdoor environments where they are free to ride around unrestricted by walls or blockades, though many enjoy having a safe, enclosed space to rest. They are very fond of exercise and spend lots of time riding around, with many developing and sharing their own tricks. They are a social typing, and some enjoy forming bonds with other TCPs as bike and rider. They enjoy liquid food types for their preferred diets, especially when consumed around the pedals. Bicycle types have no issue standing up on their own, and are heavily resistant to being pushed over- they are even capable of righting themselves psychically so long as they have enough stamina to do so.

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