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Name: Elementals
Creator: Unknown
Home Zone: Unknown
Project Appearances: TBA
Species Development Thread: Species Development: Elementals

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW.

Elementals are an enigmatic powerful species with a wide variety of abilities and appearances.


Elementals supposedly originate on ancient morbit, some hearsay claiming that the species predates the arrival of the high gods.

Their creator, if they have one, is unknown, and similarly, they have no definitive home zone.


Elementals are found in small populations throughout the world, either solitary or in small groups, living in tiny, secluded towns at best.

They are not tied to any gods, worship demographics varied if not outright unknown.

Elemental ailments are little understood by most Morbitian species, and individuals away from groups often find themselves in trouble if experiencing element overproduction or flare-ups.

Elementals value goods relating to their cores/core sockets are very common, particularly jewelry.

Elementals require different sleeping situations based on morph but do seem to prefer softer surfaces that are compatible with their elements.

Due to their species having little information available to scientists and researchers, entering any of the Morbit standardized education systems can be a nightmare for elementals, and most individuals have to resort to a more personalized strategy.

Housing has to accommodate their specific elements, despite being primarily housed in a safe membrane. Fire hazards must be accounted for, particularly water-soluble materials must be put away, etc.

Elementals are excellent at combat and can dispel most foes with little issue. They are sought out in times of trouble by any other locals in the area and have been known as protectors since the beginning of Morbitian time.


An elemental's shape and build vary based on their morph.

Their markings vary, but are typically simple and accentuate their element.

Their voices sound like chanting of varying ranges.

Elementals lack hair and tails.

Elementals range from 6’0-10’0 at their “normal” adult height.

They have digitigrade legs.

Elementals have long arms with big hands.


Elementals lack skeletons, muscles, nerves, organs, and blood.

They are composed primarily of their main element within a safe membrane, with parts of their element leaking out around the ears, neck ruff, elbows, and knees.

At an the center of an elemental's chest is a core socket, with inert cores occasionally generating inside under rare conditions. These cores can be fertilized and re-set in the socket to produce new elementals.

Elemental's mouths remain invisible unless opened, and most elementals have sharp, jack-o-lantern teeth.

Their diet can consist of anything, though most elementals enjoy certain things depending on their morph.

Their energy levels heavily depend on their morph.

Elementals have a very subdued body language, with many being described as hard to read.

Most elementals have pointed ears, though downturned ears have been noted on some individuals.

Eyes are crater-like, similar to their core socket.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

Elementals have an estimated lifespan of 1000 years and reach maturity at 18-20 years old.

Elementals reproduce sexually and have no sexual dimorphism.

Elementals produce egg-like inert cores, typically one at a time. The resulting children post-fertilization are referred to as sparks.

Sparks are often introduced to members of other species as soon as possible, both to familiarize them with safety procedures with other, non-elemental species, and to do the same for the inverse.

Elemental families are small but close-knit, with elementals valuing the lives of their children especially due to their occurrence being such a rarity. Those that take on non-elemental members do their best to take care of them throughout the entirety of their lifespans if possible, with outliving them being an inevitability.

Elementals prefer committed relationships to casual ones, though some may consider this foolish when it comes to other species, especially those with shorter lifespans.

Leaving the family is a serious decision not to be taken lightly, especially considering the chances of seeing another elemental are extremely low.


Elemental morphs are inspired by different kinds of “elements”, both traditional, scientific, and otherwise.

Mixed morph parents may have an abstract “combination” of elements, such as water and fire parents resulting in a steam spark, or a mixture of both elements present at once.

First morph unknown, due to their origin being largely a mystery.

Elemental hybrids are oftentimes more common than pure elemental children, and typically have elemental traits present, along with a visible core.

Elementals are completely immune to horror mutations, a fact that everyone is thankful for. Their hybrid children, unfortunately, are usually not.



The fire morph is inspired by fire, flames, lava, magma, etc. They are characterized by the heat they give off accompanied by the wisps of fire and embers wicking off their volcanic rock collar, ears, arms, and legs. Along with their hot core, flaming eyes, and clawed hands. They are very hot to the touch


The water morph is inspired by water, rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, rain, etc. They are characterized by the cold they give off accompanied by the sprays of water that flows from the fresh or seawater stored inside membranes around their ears, collar, arms, and legs. Along with their cold core, dripping eyes, and paw hands. They are cool to the touch.






The electricity morph is inspired by electricity, sparks, electric light, lighting, etc. They are characterized by the static in the air around them, particularly around their spiked ears, collar, arms, and legs. Along with their electrified core, slit eyes, and clawed hands. They shock if touched.


The ice morph is inspired by ice, icicles, icebergs, frost, etc. They are characterized by the often crystalline growths of ice which extend from and float around their ears, collar, forearms, and legs. Along with their frozen core, jagged eyes, and clawed hands. They are frigid to the touch.


The cloud morph is inspired by clouds, fog, mist, and other meteorological phenomena. They are characterized by the plump gatherings of clouds that extend from and gather around their ears, collar, forearms, and legs. Along with their soft core, round eyes with small raindrops around them, and soft paws with paw pads. They are soft to the touch and gently deform under pressure. Their weather can change with their current mood or mental state, such as lightning crackling along with a bout of anger, rain pouring from their body with sadness, or their body breaking apart in places with dissociation. This tendency for change can sometimes lead cloud elementals to be misidentified by those around them.


The light morph is inspired by coronas, god rays, and other light based phenomena. They are characterized by the presence of hard-light examples of said phenomena, such as rings, that form around their earnubs, neck, elbows, and legs. They have a rounded but defined core and soft, insubstantial features, such as soft paws. Light elementals eyes shine with radiance, and they can up the intensity of this radiance to a blinding degree. They are slightly incorporeal and may pass through things they touch or touch them, especially transparent or translucent materials.


Inspired by plant life Data Pending.

"Normal" Elementals

Mutated/Modified Elementals

Elemental Hybrids