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Coffee Type

“These TCPs are very small, and often have to work together to make drinks in restaurants run by complexes…to save energy, ethical businesses use their abilities to test new ingredient combos.”

ID: 0070
Type: Coffee
Category: Food
Height: 2.75 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)
Ability: PICK-ME-UP

Coffee types can break off parts of their body to feed to other TCPs, providing a healing effect as well as a strong energizing effect.
Physical Appearance: Coffee types have a short TCP build with two arms and two legs. They have large horizontal earnubs and round, dripping eyespots. They have a gap in their neck. Coffee types are dripping with coffee all over.
Voice: Pouring and jittering.
Skin: None.
Fluid: Coffee.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Coffee types are mostly fond of calm, indoor environments, though some do enjoy occasional outdoor retreats. They are prone to getting jobs in cafes for obvious reasons, their abilities coming in handy for making and mixing drinks. They are highly social and thrive best in situations where they can communicate with lots of different people. They enjoy sweet food type products and spices, especially ones that go well with flavoring coffee. As is the case with all food types, they take on the flavor of whatever they eat, making them able to produce fancy, unique drinks on demand, provided they have the right food. Their energy effect doesn't have too much consequence for complexes, but for TCPs, it can provide quite a boost.

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