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Envelope Type

“The wax seal on an envelope type seems to hold cultural importance, with these TCPs prone to showing off or customizing their shapes.”

ID: 0914
Type: Envelope
Category: Storage
Height: 2.5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Envelope types can store letters, documents, and other pieces of paper. Small objects such as cash bills, coins, or credit cards may also be stored in envelope types, so long as they fit within.
Physical Appearance: Envelope types have a flat, rectangular shape. They are composed of folded paper. They have two arms and two legs, all made of folded paper. Envelope types have dot eyespots and flat, square-ish earnubs. They have a large wax seal, shaped like a TCP head, centered under their eyespots.
Voice: Paper crackling and ripping.
Skin: Smooth, stiff paper.
Fluid: None.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Envelope types heavily prefer safe, indoor environments away from fire, water, or other elements. Cleaning themselves is a difficulty due to being made of paper, and healing wounds by natural means is impossible. Paper added onto the body of an envelope type with tape or glue is assimilated into the TCP, however, making repairs and prosthetics with other paper products possible. They are a social typing that enjoys the company of others, especially if delivering letters or other documents to them. They prefer dry food type products and heavily avoid liquid ones, as they are prone to melting the paper and damaging their bodies. The wax seal on an envelope type reforms when sealed back onto the envelope, though scarring has been noted to occur in particularly rough unsealings.

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