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Scarf Type

“While a scarf type's scarf cannot be taken off of their neck, smaller TCPs often find themselves nesting in the parts that trail off of the body.”

ID: 0195
Type: Scarf
Category: Form
Height: 6.75 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)
Ability: Scarf types can sacrifice health to change objects or beings they touch into scarves with a design matching the original object.
Physical Appearance: Scarf types have fairly standard bodies, leaning slightly on the heavy side, with two arms and legs. They tend to have little to no markings on their body. Around their neck is a tied scarf with a repeated stripped pattern and tasseled ends. The scarf covers their neck and the lower half of their face. Their earnubs rest lower than usual and point upwards, with line eye spots that appear relaxed.
Voice: Soft fabric ruffling.
Skin: Standard skin with a knitted protrusion around their neck.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Scarf types often inhabit colder climates and enjoy places where they can walk around in snow and not worry about being in the way. They love cuddling up with a friend and a warm drink or sitting by a fireplace and reading a book. They are usually very good at snow-based activities like snowball fights and building snowmen, but ice-skating is genuinely dangerous with the potential of getting tangled in their scarf. They are usually very social cats, especially when the colder weather hits. They seem to go through a reverse hibernation on warm days, and sometimes won't leave their home for months, becoming hostile when disturbed. They like warm comfort foods, like hot cocoa and soups, and some do enjoy frozen treats to change things up. Scarf type cats need to make sure their scarf stays clean, and when dirtied they will spend hours meticulous cleaning it with an array of detergents and fabric softeners. It is an unspoken rule that you do not buy these for a scarf type unless explicitly asked, as they may have sensitivities they don't openly talk about.

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