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Dog Pack Type


ID: 1022
Type: Dog Pack
Category: Creature
Height: 5 inches for the dog types, 4 inches for alley cat
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7) for each TCP
Ability: JUNK SQUAD- Dog pack types feel more at ease around other members of their packs, and are better at cooperating as a group than alone.
Physical Appearance: Dog pack types are composed of 4 dog type members, each with different markings. The most common markings include spots, saddles, countershading, blazes and patches. Dog types are short TCPs with a nose and tongue. They have upward facing slanted eyespots and pointed earnubs. Around their neck is a growth that strongly resembles a collar. They also have a small tail. Alley cat types are a rare addition to these packs upon spawning. Alley cat types have spotted markings on their body, hands and feet that end in paws, and a long, crooked tail. They have a spiked collar around their neck, curved eyespots and notched earnubs, and six jagged whiskers.
Voice: Barking and growling, with raspy meows from alley cat types.
Skin: Fur in varying states of messiness.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Dog pack types

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