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Hydra Type

“There does not appear to be a limit to a hydra type's ability apart from how much room they have on their shoulders. I once saw a hydra type with so many heads, it looked like a sprig of broccoli.”

ID: 0254
Type: Hydra
Category: Creature
Height: 10.5 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Hydra types regenerate their heads whenever one is lost, growing two new ones in the place of the old one.
Physical Appearance: Hydra types have scales on their belly leading down into a tail with an arrowlike tip. They have spikes on their back, and claws on their feet and considerably large hands. They have three heads to begin with- each head has a pair of dot eyespots, a pair of small pointed earnubs, and a jagged nonfunctional mouth.
Voice: Screeching and growling.
Skin: Rough scales.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Hydra types are often found near marshes or in caves by the water. This is not a requirement for the species of course, and those who don't want to will still likely lead a somewhat solitary life. They enjoy gossip, often trading secrets and rumors between cats they meet, bartering for new info, something that has led to the idea that they are wise and mysterious. Besides this they often get into singing, their voices mingling and harmonizing in eerie ways. They don't usually seek out other cats but aren't opposed to visitors, though they will likely remain uninterested in making the other cat feel cozy or welcome. They struggle in situations that require large groups of cats. Hydra types will often stick with carnivorous options of food types, such as meat and seafood. Each head can have its own personal favorite, but there is usually overlap. On hot days hydra types will find large flat rocks to spread out on and warm their scales. They can lay like this for hours comfortably.

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