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Acid Rain Type

“Touching an acid rain type is not advised without specialized gear, though medications have been developed to make them safe for physical contact, as well as clothing that's both safe for the acid rain type to wear, and for other people to come into contact with.”

ID: 0443
Type: Acid Rain
Category: Nature
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Acid rain types can sacrifice health to create and control acid rain and acid rain clouds.
Physical Appearance: Acid rain types have a nonstandard shape and build, consisting of a floating cloud head and various large droplets which make up the remainder of their body. Their cloud is jagged and irregular, harkening back to the minerals and other contaminants which give acid rain its acidic quality. Their arms are raindrops, floating alongside their large central raindrop body and two additional raindrops. They have two legs. Their eyespots are upturned, curving raindrops, and their earnubs are incorporated into their cloud, having a similar jagged appearance.
Voice: Dripping and sizzling.
Skin: Heavy, dreary clouds, and potent acid rain.
Fluid: Acid rain.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Acid rain types favor urban environments, especially those that have a dense population of individuals with personal motor vehicles; with many describing the air as “sweeter” and “enriching” in these areas as opposed to other locations. Acid rain types enjoy being out in urban environments, and often occupy themselves with long walks, occasionally breaking down litter as they walk around with their concentrated acid. Many acid rain types find productive careers in waste management, providing their acid to break down all sorts of materials. Some also find their place in warfare or laboratories, being used as weapons, especially herbicidal ones, or a source for collecting acidic materials, though this isn't always with active awareness or participation from the acid rain type in question. Acid rain types have no particular draw when it comes to socializing, and vary wildly in those they prefer to interact with; though individuals resistant to their natural acidity are more likely to be comfortable around them. They prefer basic foods, as in foods that have a basic rating on the PH scale, with acid rain types describing them as “spicy and then sweet”. Acid rain types require special furniture that can withstand their acidity and often sleep in bag-like plastic hammocks.

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