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Door Type

“Since a door type's body is composed of a door and a frame, they can open themselves at any time. This appears extremely bizarre to onlookers, since the TCP's arms are part of the frame and thus appear to be seperated, but my door type specimens seem to enjoy it all the same. ”

ID: 0359
Type: Door
Category: Form
Height: 7.5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Door types can sacrifice health to turn a surface or a portion of a surface into a door. Depending on the depth of the surface, the door may go completely through, opening to the other side, or the door may open up to reveal the inside of the object. Living creatures affected by this ability will not be hurt, only massively disoriented from having a part of their body replaced with a door. In addition, they will be able to open and close the door as if it were a part of their body.
Physical Appearance: Door types resemble a door in a frame, with the frame forming their arms and the door itself forming their legs. The top portion of both the door and the frame has two earnubs on it, and there are two curved eyespots on the top panel of the door. On the right side of the door is a small doorknob.
Voice: Wooden creaking and slamming.
Skin: Sturdy wood.
Fluid: None
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: None

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