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Anya Artag

Name: Anya Artag
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: ???? (at least 100+ years old)
Species: Parody (Warrior Ruffneck)
Height: 6'7
Home Zone: Precipice

This article contains mentions of Spit's cult, severe child abuse, and heavy content relating to Maybequest/Universal Constants. Specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Anya Artag was a parody of a warrior ruffneck that formerly ran The Menagerie in Precipice. Her heels, pearl necklace and bracelets are all organic mimicry of her original “inspiration”, and are made of flesh and enamel respectively. She acted as Spit's demon for decades and exhaled smoke in a similar fashion, though whether this was a technique developed purposefully or just a strange coincidence is yet to be seen.

As Spit's demon, she had access to flesh and smoke motif manipulation, and could manipulate muscle as long as it was even just partially exposed- making her a terrifying adversary in combat.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:45ringor mortis


Anya Artag founded The Menagerie Biotech Facility and quickly established it over the course of decades as the largest medical and body modding facility in Taverne, all the while running operations for Spit's cult in its lower levels. It is unknown why Anya chose to work for Spit beyond her own motivations lining up with the violent deity's somehow, and it is clear that the two were on very, very good terms, both as work partners and as, unfortunately, friends.

The following section contains plot/worldbuilding spoilers for Maybequest and Universal Constants, but is not NSFW/18+ rated. It does, however, contain mentions of child abuse, mass death, gore, and body horror, so please tread carefully. Click this text to reveal the content.

Anya Artag no longer runs the modern Menagerie.


Anya Artag was a cruel and calculating person, with a tendency to lash out in extreme anger if talked back to or upset. When things did not go her way, Anya was known to scream or react in violence, and was volatile to interact with even in a relatively safe looking situation. She did not hold any particular moral code and had no qualms hurting anyone regardless of who they were or what relationship they had to her, even if they were “family” or someone supposedly dear. No one was exempt from her cruelty, and the closest thing to kindness she ever expressed was small gifts to her children in the form of simple dresses and in Melanie's case, toys and bows.


Maes Artag

The following section contains mentions of child abuse. Click to reveal content.

Melanie Artag

The following section contains mentions of child abuse. Click to reveal content.

Mason Artag

The following section contains mentions of child abuse and ableism. Click to reveal content.

Suplex (May)

Anya did not think much of Suplex until her escape attempt, at which point she was forced to remember an otherwise un-noteworthy experiment.

The following section contains spoilers for Maybequest, and some mentions of child abuse. Click to reveal content.


Anya was Spit's demon and one of her only “friends”, unfortunately for everyone around them. They got along without any issue, and have never been observed to bicker about anything at all, with any disagreements somehow handled respectfully and without issue- an extreme and very unsettling rarity for Spit.

Chelsea Smiles

Anya and Chelsea were forced to work together as Spit's demons on many occasions, much to both of their displeasures. Anya was given seniority every time, and Chelsea was often referred to with derogatory terms or similar insults the entire time, if not outright kicked around.

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