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Rabbit Type

“The distress rabbit types feel when they're in artificial environments is palpable, particularly if there is nowhere to hide. Ideal homes for these TCPs have plenty of places to dig into and rest, keeping their stress levels low.”

ID: 0221
Type: Rabbit
Category: Creature
Height: 3 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Rabbit types generate a passive aura that encourage others to burrow or dig into the ground- if there's no soil nearby, burrowing into a blanket will do.
Physical Appearance: Rabbit types are short and chubby, with long, floppy earnubs, slanted eyespots, and small lines on their hands and feet resembling paws. They also have a small, round tail.
Voice: Squeaking and chittering.
Skin: Short, fluffy fur.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Subtypes: Jackalope

Rabbit types will generally stick to rural areas, around farmland or heavy woods. Some will adjust to suburban areas, as long as they have large yards or can keep their houses at least somewhat cluttered with things to hide in. Gardening is big for them; many will become farmers or preform yard services. They also tend to stress leg exercise, whether that be from running or jumping, so it's not uncommon to see rabbits involved in most sports. They are shy but very social, often feeling more comfortable in large groups then they would alone. A lonely rabbit type is prone to paranoia and anxiety, usually needing at least one close companion the ground them. These cats are naturally inclined towards leafy greens, with carrots being a favorite treat that should only be given occasionally. Some rabbits may enjoy fruits, but these should also only be occasional treats. Rabbit tcps are inclined towards magic, often preforming daring disappearing acts into seemingly impossible places. Knowing the secrets to how they pull this off often ruins the illusion, but ruining a performance for other people is completely unnecessary.

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