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Lubrication Type

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ID: 0167
Type: Lubrication
Category: Form
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Lubrication types can create and control lubrication. While small tasks cost no health, there is a gradual increase in health cost with the size of the task.
Physical Appearance: Lubrication types are tall, skinny TCPs with a slimy appearance. They have long, droopy earnubs. They have two oblong eyespots. They have two arms and two legs.
Voice: Wet, sloppy babbling.
Skin: A slippery, slimy substance, like congealed grease.
Fluid: None
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Lubrication types prefer indoor, clean, uncarpeted areas, and try their best to avoid going anywhere that can lead to an excessive amount of dirt on them. Many of them seek jobs with machinery, where they may need to help loosen up parts that might be grinding together and wearing out. They can be very awkward cats, with long bodies and long limbs, and they have a hard time staying stationary and not slowly sliding around. They are very social, but other cats may be annoyed with the upkeep and little movements lubrication types have to go through. They prefer food that might leave a pleasant scent to them afterwards and avoid spongey foods that might soak them up. Lubrication types are able to squeeze through any hole without harming their bodies and come out the other side to reform within seconds. The tighter the fit the longer it would take.

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