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Band Type

“Data pending.”

ID: 0893
Type: Band
Category: Creature
Height: 5.75 inches each
Max Health: GREAT (6) (each)
Ability: Data pending.
Physical Appearance: Band types are a group type typically consisting of 4 members. All band types have a standard shape and build. They have two arms and two legs each. They each have long, straight eyespots, resembling closed eyes as well as rounded eyespots. Band types appear clothed with variation in specific outfit randomized per each individual, but tending towards punk and grunge aesthetic attire.
Voice: A specific instrument or singing. Each band type has a single instrument in their voice, which combine into music while talking in a group.
Skin: Standard skin as well as various clothing fabrics.
Fluid: Standard fluid with the distinct smell of energy drinks and alcoholic beverages.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Data pending.

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