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Tessellation Type

“Tessellation type moves interestingly, bending as if made of a flexible sheet.”

ID: 0084
Type: Tessellation
Category: Form
Height: 6 inches

Tessellation types can change an object or surface to have tessellating patterns, regardless of what it is. These patterns are typically surface level and decorative, but health can be sacrificed in exchange for making more solid pieces. This ability can be used on organic materials and living things.
Physical Appearance: Tesselation type is a TCP made up of tessellated pattern pieces, and are mostly flat. They typically have two legs, two arms, and are made of triangle shaped pieces, but there have been sightings of ones with different shaped pieces and body configurations. The one pictured has colored dot eyespots, triangle shaped earnubs, and a top-heavy body. The tessellation pieces alternate color in rows.
Voice: Rhythmic chirping.
Skin: Standard skin with grooves along the tessellation pieces.
Fluid: Solid material.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Tessellation types are adaptable to any kind of environment, but like organized spaces with repeating patterns. They are very good at sorting, similar to other shape types, but even more meticulous than the usual. They are highly social and enjoy having large networks of friends to socialize with, having high energy levels to match. They can adapt to any kind of diet, but many like having food type products that require assembly, and get into cooking quite easily. Body modification via tessellation type ability is very common, with TCPs enjoying getting patterns in an almost tattoo-like fashion.

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