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ID: S086
Type: Wheel
Category: Weapon
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 7 inches

Rolla can sacrifice health to create wheels either on his body or independent of it. In addition, any wheels on his body may spin freely, and can be spun as fast as the TCP likes, although they have a limited amount of torque- enough to comfortably propel him on most surfaces. Spinning the wheels too quickly is painful to Rolla, and can cost health in extreme cases.
Physical Appearance: Rolla is a red and yellow TCP with wheels in place of earnubs and feet. His eyespots, like other wheel types, are large and with a hole in the center, and he has a ringlike marking on his forehead, as well as a stripe across the center of his torso.

Rolla typically wears his mechanic's outfit, consisting of yellow-orange overalls and a white shirt.
Voice: Mechanical buzzing, like something spinning in place.
Skin: Standard skin. The wheels are coated in a tough, rubbery substance that grips surfaces well.
Fluid: Thick and stretchy, smells heavily of oil.
Special Attributes: None
History: Prior to the Gauntlet, Rolla worked as a mechanic in Precipice with a large crew of other TCPs he considers his family. He entered the Gauntlet for monetary gain in order to live a more comfortable life and simply treat the mechanic lifestyle as a hobby rather than a job.
Personality: Rolla is a determined TCP, sometimes to a fault - he focuses on the needs of others more than his own, which can sometimes lead to him sacrificing himself for the good of others. However, Rolla is very friendly, and always tries to see the good in others, especially those that he feels have it but don't show it.
Other Notes: None


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