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Original Type: Basic
“Many transformative conditions come as a result of horror mutations…I wonder if there is a complex equivalent, perhaps seen in terrors…”

Notable Examples: Cobalt

ID: C001
Physical Changes: Ravenous TCPs appear mostly normal at first glance, with a jagged mouth that appears from time to time, growing as the TCP's hunger grows. After a certain point, the TCP's head and torso will also grow to accommodate the larger maw, giving the TCP a monstrous appearance. In most cases, the TCP's eyespots will also appear more ragged over time. The skin that forms the TCP's teeth will always harden to a bone-like consistency, regardless of its original texture. Ravenous TCPs may also appear baggy and more squishy, even in their normal state, though this is not an inherent trait.
Mental Changes: For some unknown reason, these TCPs are able to feel hunger. While they do not actually need food to survive, they will experience discomfort and desire to consume foods or other TCPs the longer they go without eating. In extreme cases, this can lead to immense pain and animalistic behavior.

Ravenous TCPs can technically consume any material their teeth can chew, but they are best sated with foods or other TCPs. The amount of material required to sate a ravenous TCP increases exponentially the longer it goes without eating- so a TCP left for an hour or two might only need a small snack, whereas a TCP left for days could eat something twice its own size.

When a ravenous TCP is fully sated, its mouth will disappear completely, and it will be unable to eat except by absorbing food-type material, like other TCPs. Absorbing food-type material appears to be entirely separate from eating with the mouth, as it has not had any effect on some of our less tended-to subjects. It is unknown where exactly eaten material disappears to- it seems to be absorbed into the fluid and used to contain whatever force is transforming the TCP in the first place.
Causes: The transformation and hunger both appear to be caused by an internal horror-like mutation in the TCP. When food is eaten, the TCP seems to subconsciously use the resulting energy to contain the mutation, temporarily reversing its effects. This means that, hypothetically, a TCP could become completely horrified if it fails to eat food for long enough.
Common Sources: While it is possible for TCPs to spawn with this condition, recent studies show that it is possible to inflict this condition with controlled applications of horror radiation combined with the presence of certain stimuli relating to hunger. The best results have come from restraining the TCP and placing something enticing near it, but too far away to reach. The exact nature of the enticing item depends on the TCP's type and its personality- certain creature types tend to gravitate more towards certain foods, while weapon types tend to enjoy raw materials such as wood and metal.
Effects on Life: Most ravenous TCPs can live a fairly normal life, so long as they remember to keep their condition in check. Occasionally, however, circumstances will prevent a TCP from keeping itself fed and “incidents” may occur. This is often extremely distressing for both the TCP and those around it, and many ravenous TCPs actively avoid being around others after experiencing such an incident, perceiving themselves as a danger to others.
Other Notes: None

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