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Morbit Language

Morbit language is radically different in comparison to real-life language.


Morbitian language is not conveyed through specific sounds arranged in order, but instead, meaning is conveyed directly through the intent the speaker or writer imbues into their speech or text. Morbitian speech sounds like various species or individual-specific sounds, comparable to sound samples. Formal linguistical study on morbit takes a different form due to this and focuses primarily on differences and quirks of separate species writing, helping those with disabilities and mouth and hand mutations continue to speak clearly and write legibly, as well as dialects, both regional and species-specific. Linguists and vocal training can help individuals change their voices into different sounds, both temporarily and permanently.


Dialects are both regional and species-specific. Dialects take the form of separate sets of sounds or “samples”. They function similarly to real-life, as an individual will pick up local sounds from the place they were raised as well as the place they eventually settle. Species-specific dialects can be found listed on their worldbuilding articles. Species morphs will occasionally have separate sets of “samples”.


Writing styles are species-, morph-, or individual-specific, depending on the species in question, and thusly exceedingly variable. There is no standardized writing system on Morbit. Morbitian text tends towards lines paired with shapes, hatching, or dashes. The lines and shapes are often reflective of species, morph, or individual motifs. This is especially apparent in highly variable species, such as concepts or elementals. The former having text reflective of their motif post-metamorphosis, taking a more generic look prior, and the latter having text reflective of their element.

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