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“Finnley's obsession with Dropdead is concerning, for more reasons than one…I can only hope they turn away from this path, before they get hurt…”

ID: S079
Type: Arched Earthstar
Category: Nature
Pronouns: They/Them
Height: 4 inches
Ability: Finnley can create and control arched earthstar mushrooms at the cost of health. In addition, Finnley can 'tune in' to patches of mycelium they've previously created, and sense the presence of people or objects via their weight on the ground. While doing this, however, they become oblivious to their own surroundings.
Physical Appearance: Finnley is a small brown TCP with a mushroom cap atop their head that their earnubs poke through. They have small dot eyespots with white highlights, spots all along their torso and arms, and a skirt-like appendage that drapes down over their legs. They are typically seen wearing a black leather jacket and a pale yellow floral skirt.
Voice: Leafy crinkling.
Skin: Smooth, but with a sort of coating to it- much like a plant.
Fluid: No fluid, only a sort of internal stalk in the torso and a set of gills inside the head comprised of the same material as the outside.
Special Attributes: None
History: Before the Gauntlet, Finnley worked as a hair dresser for complexes at a novelty salon in Hearth. They entered the gauntlet seemingly out of an immense respect for Dropdead.
Personality: Finnley is energetic and cheerful, although they are more self-conscious than they appear. They are quite friendly, and get along quite well with most of the other gauntlet contestants. Currently they are participating in a roleplaying game led by one of the other participants. Their character is named U.V. Leatherviper, and is a rockstar-type TCP.
Other Notes: None


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