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Mobile Phone Type

“Mobile phone types are an especially chatty typing, and I struggle to get my specimens to stop talking during important moments. Chattering seems to help calm them down when stressed, however…”

ID: 0467
Type: Mobile Phone
Category: Machine
Height: 4.5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Mobile phone types can receive electrical energy in order to send and receive mobile signals.
Physical Appearance: Mobile phone types have a standard TCP shape with rounded features and a hinge at the neck. They have two arms and two legs. They have vertical eyespots displayed on a functional glass display and standard earnubs that curve inward. Mobile phone types have functional buttons on their body and markings on their hands and feet.
Voice: Ringing and dial tones.
Skin: Smooth plastic, glass over the face.
Fluid: Standard fluid with circuit boards inside.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Mobile phone types prefer indoor environments where they can be safe from the elements, as water or extreme temperatures can injure them or make them very ill. They are fond of talking to people both via their abilities (being able to connect to others of their typing or the standard phone) and in person, and are considered a highly social typing. They prefer drier food that does not easily crumble, such as hard crackers or dried meats- liquid is avoided in most cases. Each mobile phone type has a unique ringtone that can change at any time, and as such they are considered one of the most vocally interesting TCP typings to study.

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