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Kiddie Pool Type

“Despite the name, kiddie pool types aren't just ideal for children- living things of any maturity can enjoy so long as they can fit.”

ID: 0917
Type: Kiddie Pool
Category: Storage
Height: 2 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Kiddie pool types can store water, pool toys, and people playing in the pool. Any people playing in the kiddie pool type will experience added euphoria, though those who aren't enjoying themselves will be unaffected by this ability.
Physical Appearance: Kiddie pool types have a wide, round shape. Their body resembles three tubes, stacked to form a high wall. They have two arms and two legs. Kiddie pool types have curved eyespots and round earnubs.
Voice: Squeaking and hissing, like air escaping.
Skin: Soft vinyl.
Fluid: Firm, light, and spongy but solid fluid.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Kiddie pool types prefer outdoor environments, especially with sunny weather and calm breezes. These TCPs are typically fond of using their ability to make others happy, though some find the way others treat them for it to be patronizing. They are a highly social TCP type and seem to have a special talent for talking with younger living things, with many sporting gentle and patient attitudes. Kiddie pool types are very fond of sweet food type products, with popsicles being a sure fire treat. While a kiddie pool type is (deceptively) strong enough to carry water and occupants while walking, doing so is incredibly unstable and liable to any contents spilling everywhere.

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