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AI Type

“If an AI type chooses, and the device they're connected to can support it, they can actually completely transfer their consciousness into a connected device, giving themself a new digital form.”

ID: 0160
Type: AI
Category: Creature
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

AI types can use their wirelike tendrils to interface with any electronic device, controlling it as long as they are connected. They can control as many devices as they can connect to at once, but they have difficulty multitasking when connected to many devices at once. It is also possible for them to be harmed by malicious software on the device they are connecting to.
Physical Appearance: AI types have gridlike markings all over their body, as well as a bundle of wires for a mane and tail. These wires are prehensile, and can be moved at will. They have round eyespots with lines through them, and pointed earnubs.
Voice: Digital, almost melodic beeping.
Skin: Standard skin.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: AI type prefer indoor environments, surrounded by computers and technology. They also do better in cities that are constantly evolving, opposed to rural places that can be stuck in the past or low on wifi. They're very social online, where they boast and make up outlandish stories that no one is likely fact check, but actively avoid meeting people in real life. They will text you from across the room and can make the toaster or fridge say it if you ignore your phone. AI type like easy to make and easy to consume foods, and many seem to survive off overly sugary soda and greasy salty chips. They will also swear they can eat food made on a computer, but nothing actually proves this. Ai type are often up to date on trends and can become distressed if forced into a situation that is not in line with said trends or is “cringey”. They also seem to be able to tell you exactly when particular memes and topics were trending.

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