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Plasma Type (Nature)

“Based upon the state of matter, plasma types are incredibly hot inside their bodies. Thankfully, their skin appears to have incredible insulating properties, simply keeping them as hot as a warm pan.”

ID: 0218
Type: Plasma
Category: Nature
Height: 5.5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Plasma types can sacrifice health in order to create and control plasma.
Physical Appearance: Plasma types have a standard shape and build. Their torso and extremities are distinct from one another, with their arms, legs, and face lacking any markings. The remainder of their body is covered in markings that resembling the arcs of plasma. They have dot eyespots and small, upwards curved earnubs.
Voice: Cracking, popping, and arcing.
Skin: Standard skin that carries a sharp charge.
Fluid: None, their body is hollow and filled with arcing plasma.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Plasma types often don't live in areas with a lot of technology around, so seeing them in more rural areas is expected. These cats are not generally adapted to swimming and will avoid being near too much water. Many get into science, using their ability in demonstrations to entertain people, or as a way to power simple machines. They are pretty social cats, but some are put off by the increased chance of getting shocked by the cat, with furry cats having an even harder time due to how it makes their fur stick up. Some of these cats like meats, others like space foods or jerky. They tend to avoid liquids just instinctually, but actual food type liquids should be safe. Plasma types can group together in rainstorms and create false thunderstorms, which they are immune to. This has been used occasionally to start controlled burns but is somewhat inconsistent.

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