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Hedgehog Type

“While there seemingly isn't much utility to a hedgehog type's ability, one cannot deny that it leads to interesting outdoor gatherings…”

ID: 0561
Type: Hedgehog
Category: Creature
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)
Ability: MUD BATH

Hedgehog types make others want to play in any mud nearby, if any.
Physical Appearance: Hedgehog types are small TCPs with a pointed snout and a large tuft of quills covering their back. They have tiny dot eyespots and small round earnubs.
Voice: Small squeakind and rustling.
Skin: Standard skin. The quills are hard and pointy.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Hedgehog types prefer outdoor environments, especially those with mild climates and dark lighting. They tend to enjoy light physical activity such as walking and exploring, but do slow down in the cold. They are very solitary and have trouble being in large groups. These TCPs prefer meat-based food type products, and lean more towards insect-based above all else. Like their typing's basis, they can roll into protective balls with their spikes facing outwards- though doing so in polite company is seen more as a rude or standoffish gesture.

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