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Name: Anne
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: Immortal prior to death, frozen around mental age of 12
Species: Greater God
Height: 4'0
Domains: Progress and Industry
Motifs: Clocks and Shadows
Home Zone: Luxson

This article contains mentions of child death and neglect/control as major character topics.

Anne is a greater god resembling a small shadowy bird. She ruled over the eastern half of Luxson prior to her death alongside a council of demons, and instated a rigid education to career pipeline system that dominated her species', the corvice, culture.

Project Appearances


Anne was created by Fallow to rule over East Luxson, though she was formed underdeveloped and sickly, with little control over her powers. As such, it was determined a council would help her lead her zone, and those in charge took over operations with little care towards her actual well being or what Fallow wanted for the zone's future.

Anne suffered illness for the majority of her life, spurred on by the pressure to succeed and be a “good leader” despite her struggles with her body and unwieldy powers. She was pressured into making decisions far too heavy for a child to make in good conscience and was burdened with weights no one her age should have to carry. Creating the corvice species was one of the only acts as a god she was able to have creative control in before her death, a bittersweet act considering their culture was so heavily dominated by her council's actions.

No one is entirely sure how Anne died, but by the end of the Luxson Horror Plague, East Luxson had started to decay, and a small portion of scraps and shreds identifiable as hers were found around the clock tower in which she resided. The clock tower was roped off as a memorial from that point on, and XXI was placed in charge of East Luxson to avoid zone death.


Anne was a quiet god who did not have many friends to speak of, and did not get the chance to interact with others often. Many would describe her as a severe child due to her harsh upbringing by her council, though Fallow definitely tried to inject more joy and passion into her life when allowed to come close again.



Anne saw Fallow as a parental figure until the council took over the majority of her life, separating the two of them from the majority of their contact opportunities. Anne missed Fallow dearly since that point, but had the separation justified as necessary for focusing on her zone.


Anne saw XXI as a bumbling older brother, and the two were not particularly close. Anne was not mourned heavily by XXI for their personal relationship so much as what it meant for her people and the zone she left behind, and there are more than a few regrets lingering still.

Larry "Don" Stope

Anne saw Stope as a severe older brother, and avoided literally all contact with him both of her own volition and of her council's. Her council deemed it unnecessary to interact with him outside of important business transactions, and Anne was constantly creeped out by him and the way he treated others, especially the mortals he was supposed to protect.

Anne's Council

Anne was controlled almost completely by her council when it came to political and zone planning matters, and had her entire life up to their jurisdiction. She agreed with their decisions more out of being worn down than out of actual moral or ethical consensus more often than not, and as a result, lead to the industry-led culture that dominated East Luxson for the entirety of her rule.

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