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“Tary's conflicts with his teammates don't bode well for his team's survival, and I found their first challenge particularly difficult to watch. It would not surprise me if friendly fire happened…”

ID: S083
Type: Elevated Doctor/Brass Knuckle
Category: Creature/Weapon (Hybrid)
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 7 inches
Ability: Tary has an aura that causes those around him to slowly regenerate health. This aura heals everyone, friend or foe. In addition, Tary can sacrifice health to create a pair of brass knuckles, or to create a single healing knuckle that gives a regeneration effect to whoever wears it.
Physical Appearance: Tary is a blue TCP with tan markings around his torso and legs that resemble a set of garments. Tary has a tan head mirror as well as brass knuckles growing out of various parts of his body, most notably his hands. He has small dot eyespots, small triangular earnubs, and four marks on his face.
Voice: Harsh honking noises.
Skin: Standard skin
Fluid: Standard fluid, but with bits of brass in it
Special Attributes: None
History: Tary claims to have worked as a lifeguard before entering the Gauntlet. However, the presence of multiple marks indicate some deeper, darker past that Tary has refused to divulge.
Personality: Tary is very blunt, and rarely starts conversations that do not serve a practical purpose. Those watching him during conversation will likely notice a large dependency on body language.
Other Notes: None


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