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Time Type

“The ability to rewind objects is a versatile one, with uses ranging from simple office pranks to reviving the dead. Most time types understand the responsibility of having such a powerful ability, but some…”

ID: 0035
Type: Time
Category: Abstract
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Time types can sacrifice health to enter an ascended form. While in this form, they are able to rewind the effects of time on objects or creatures, with a minimum range of one day and increased health cost for over a day's time. Targets will return to whatever state they were in at that time- a broken vase may become whole again, or a cut may reopen. Living beings will not have their memory affected by this ability.
Physical Appearance: Time types have a standard body shape, with markings on their hands and feet and a clock face in place of a normal TCP face. They have pointed earnubs.
Voice: Ticking and winding sounds, sometimes in reverse.
Skin: Fabric
Fluid: Standard fluid with arrow confetti
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Time types are capable of fitting into any environment, and generally do not have any preferences. These TCPs tend to enjoy thinking over various puzzles and brain teasers, as well as tinkering with various objects and mechanisms. They are a highly social TCP typing and especially enjoy time spent doing activities that line up with their favorite interests. Time types have no particular food type preference for their diets, but do seem to enjoy food that has been aged in some way. Rewinding can have especially dangerous effects if the time type does not know what actually happened for the target in the past day at minimum…or if the target lies.

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