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“Lobsters appear to be a typing from this collective's home world, a strange shelled creature presumably from some sort of ocean. Marnet seems to have a fondness for the dad type on her team, and I must admit my interest in how things will shake out there…”

ID: S006
Type: Lobster
Category: Creature
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 8 inches
Ability: Like all lobster types, Marnet must shed her shell every so often, otherwise it will become uncomfortable for her.
Physical Appearance: Marnet is a large pink TCP with four arms, all of which end in jagged claws instead of hands, a large tail, eyespots on stalks instead of directly on the face, and a small beak-like thing below those. She has pointed earnubs, and her body is covered in thick bony armor.
Voice: Low burbling noises.
Skin: Hard, bony shell.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
History: Marnet was the fourth TCP created by Voidsy. She lives in a wizard tower in the center of the forest with her team. As the session is currently ongoing, we are waiting to receive updates from our sources before updating this entry.
Personality: Marnet is upbeat and fun-loving, but also very quick to defend her friends and herself. She is the muscle of the team, and takes her job very seriously, punching anyone who crosses her into oblivion… for better or for worse.
Other Notes: None


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