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Train Type

“Train types, unlike their sources, do not require rails to move quickly. Even so, they seem to like rail transport the best…”

ID: 0080
Type: Train
Category: Machine
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)
Ability: COAL CHUG

Train types can receive coal or other flammable materials and convert it into fuel for traveling quickly. While this ability can be used anywhere, it is extremely difficult to control without a track.
Physical Appearance: Train types have a lower body in the shape of a steam locomotive, with six wheels, a cow catcher on the front, and a smokestack that drips fluid. They have a functional headlamp at the front of the locomotive. They have a standard upper body with two arms and a stripe across their chest. They have two pointed earnubs and curved eyespots.
Voice: Whistling and clacking.
Skin: Metal.
Fluid: Standard fluid with coal.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Train types feel most at home in either cool, dark, enclosed environments, or environments with lots of open air and room to roam. They struggle with terrain that doesn't work well with their wheels, and may struggle with icy, wet, or otherwise slippery environments. They are a highly active TCP type and spend a lot of time racing around, both while solitary and with other vehicle type TCPs. They enjoy inorganic food type products, such as coal and various metals and gems. Train types are warm to the touch after intensive physical activity, making them surprisingly ideal cuddle partners.

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