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Dyson Sphere Type

“The implications of a miniature sun existing within a Dyson sphere type are concerning, though I suppose it's no different than a standard sun type existing…”

ID: 0618
Type: Dyson Sphere
Category: Storage
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Dyson sphere types function slightly differently from most storage types- they are constantly storing a miniature sun, and most of their abilities are derived from the implications of such. They can open their rings to release heat from their sun, and their head functions as a battery, allowing electrical devices to recharge from it.
Physical Appearance: Dyson sphere types have a miniature sun in place of a torso, with two rings around it. They have floating hands and feet, with a small floating sphere in between each limb and the torso. Their head is also floating, and they have pointed earnubs and glowing eyespots.
Voice: Clunking and mechanical whirring.
Skin: Extremely warm metal, almost too hot to touch.
Fluid: The head contains fluid similar to battery acid, but apart from that no fluid is present in this TCP. The sun in their chest acts as a majority of their fluid.
Special Attributes: The rings around a dyson sphere type's sun can be rotated freely, and the sun can be temporarily removed- although the TCP will become very frail and sickly without it.
Other Notes: None

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