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Name: Dropdead
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 24
Species: Tiny Cat Person (Typeless, Colossal Modifier)
Height: 3'0
Home Zone: Hoopla
Project Appearances: TCP Gauntlet

This article contains mentions of drugs. All specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Dropdead is a typeless TCP with a colossal and designer modifier, giving her a significantly increased size and distinct markings. She features in the TCP Gauntlet as its host, and is the CEO of Toon Hell. She has rainbow markings on her limbs, something that she seems particularly sensitive over, and is known to fly into a fit of rage when they are insulted or poked at.

Being a typeless TCP, Dropdead has no abilities.

Project Appearances

2020/02/20 23:39ringor mortis


The following section contains mentions of drugs. Click to reveal contents.

Dropdead was brought into the Gauntlet project after working with Toon Hell for years, potentially her entire life. The only person she appears to know outside of work-related reasons is Obscura, who she has since married after years spent dating in secret.


Dropdead is an impulsive person who is quick to anger, especially when her particular nerves are struck. She has a seemingly sadistic nature on air, though it has been revealed in side material that this may be an act, and she does not particularly delight in the suffering of others. It is not clear whether she actually enjoys her job, and whether or not she is in her position willingly or not is unknown- though her relationship to drugs hints in one direction.



Dropdead is married to Obscura, and the two of them are presumed to be close, though they are unable to interact during the Gauntlet itself due to being physically separated- with Dropdead acting as the show's host, and Obscura operating within the show itself. The two of them had a secret relationship before it being discovered by the company, with the exact circumstances of Obscura's employment being unknown.

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