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Name: Beatfox
Creator: XXI
Home Zone: West Luxson
Project Appearances: TBA
Species Development Thread: Species Development: Beatfox

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW.

Beatfoxes are a vulpine and canine species of bipeds that reside primarily in the Luxson Cluster.


Beatfoxes originate in West Luxson, where they were created by the god XXI. The first morph was the fluffy morph, the morph that most resembles their creator.


Beatfoxes are fairly isolated to the Luxson Cluster, though there are quite a few populations that have been established outside of the island cluster. These populations often differ based on whether their residents immigrated before or after the Luxson Horror Plague.

Multiple aspects of beatfox lifestyles and culture have been dramatically altered since the plague, especially those who have remained residents of Luxson.

Beatfoxes do not usually worship their creator deity, XXI instead cultivated a celebrity status among his people. Beatfoxes who do seek spirituality find their worship with Fallow or other regional deities. Stope is among these regional deities but beatfoxes don't often seek worship of him.

There is a divide in Luxson beatfox populations, as those who lived through the plague have exceedingly high levels of physical disability, mental illness, mutation, and scarring. Beatfox society quickly built the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the affected portion of the population. Prosthetics are very common along with fur and skin grafts.

Their goods are very modular and customizable, they value instruments, crafts, and artisan products.

Beatfox pups are sent off to go study trades under mentors, with apprenticeship starting around age 12-13 in lieu of traditional schooling. Apprenticeships are typically geared towards what a beatfox pup has expressed the most interest/aptitude in, though many end up in jobs that don't quite fit.

Beatfoxes gravitate to spacious living quarters and have fairly conventional living arrangements, sleeping in regular beds and using standard furniture without the need for alteration. However, ramps and other accessibility features have grown much more common, with horizontal living favored over vertical arrangements.

Beatfoxes are a high energy species and require a lot of stimulation. They will work out this energy through dance and other forms of entertainment. All of which have grown incredibly important culturally.

Beatfoxes do not usually actively seek combat but those pushed to that point favor weapons, as their claws and teeth are ill suited to act as natural weaponry.


Beatfoxes physically favor simple, consistent shapes.

They naturally have darker markings on their limbs and ears, lighter markings on their tails, face, and torso. But other markings can easily be dyed into their fur.

Voices typically consist of musical/instrumental samples.

Beatfoxes have digitigrade legs and paw pads on their hands and feet.

Their tails vary in style/length by morph, though exceptions or modifications are not uncommon.

Beatfoxes can have hair, which often matches the fur texture of their morph.

Beatfoxes range from 4'6-6'6 for “normal” adult height range.


Beatfoxes typically have skeletons, muscles, nerves, organs, and blood.

They typically have sharp teeth, though the shape varies based on morph.

Beatfoxes are omnivorous, though they favor dishes that contain meat.

Beatfoxes are a very active species, with very high energy levels.

Their tails are used in communication, wagging when excited, tucking between the legs when nervous, and etc.

Beatfox ears have no visible inner portion, but they can hear all the same.

Their eyes have a cartoon-ish blink effect.

Sparkles/shapes can appear in beatfox eyes, often due to their emotions or if they are moment appropriate.

Beatfoxes have a more canine behavior than vulpine, they are more similar to domesticated dogs or foxes than wild variants.

Beatfoxes average a lifespan of 100 years, reach maturity at 18-20.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

Beatfox reproduce sexually, and have small amounts of sexual dimorphism. However, as with all Morbit species, no traits correspond to a specific gender, and people identify as they wish.

Beatfox have live births, and typically have 1-2 pups after 9 months. Beatfox pups are adventurous and hard to wrangle, often getting into trouble and making messes wherever they go.

Beatfox family structure is traditionally made up of individuals that choose to be with each other, regardless of species or blood ties. Families can get quite large as a result, sometimes spread over large areas.

Beatfox culture promotes freedom to have both casual and more committed relationships, with no preference in either direction.

Children are allowed to leave their families in their young teenage years in pursuit of their own chosen family, though not all decisions to do so end well.


Beatfox morphs are inspired by shapes, styles, and/or types of music.

Beatfoxes with mixed morph parents often have shapes which intergrate elements of both parent morph.

Fluffy beatfoxes were the first beatfox morph, created in XXI's image.

Beatfox hybrids often retain the shape/style look of their parents, leading to things like geometric karacel/beatfoxes, or fluffy pockitt/beatfoxes.

Beatfoxes are typically inspired by domestic canines, though not always true.

Common horror mutations which beatfox experience include but are not limited to; shape overgrowth, sharper/bigger teeth, jack-o-lantern mouths, claws/claw growth, hunger increase, mood instability, restlessness, auditory + visual hallucinations, paranoia, slime conversion, and overall growth.



The fluffy morph was the first created by XXI and was created in his image. They have rounded features, closed eyes, and a large grin with thick, square teeth. Their tails are large and furred, swishing in the wind. They are associated with electronic dance music and are closely tied to XXI. Due to their distinct resemblance to their creator and their notoriety of being the first of the beatfoxes introduced to Luxson, they have a permanent residence in West Luxson marketing, with their stylized smile showing up in iconography and logos across the region.


The shorthair morph has round but small features. They have dot-like eyes and stubby tails that appear to be, but aren't actually, docked. They are associated with pop music. Due to their traditional culture, many shorthair beatfoxes tend to be more social and amiable, and those who follow these traditions tend to have large social circles. This traditional appreciation for socialite behavior has led some shorthair beatfoxes to find highly successful occupations as influencers, reality stars, talk show hosts, and other social careers.


The longhair morph has long, fluffy fur and large features. They possess claws and large teeth. They are known for their speed and originate on Fallow's island, and were built to hunt in the wilds there. They are associated with both indie and folk styles of music. Due to their origins on Fallow's Island, many longhair beatfoxes can become anxious or claustrophobic without regular time outdoors, though not all longhair beatfoxes experience this agita.


The wirehair morph has sharp, angular features. Their fur takes very geometric shapes. They have a very powerful bite and commonly experience a multiple tail mutation. They are associated with rock and metal musical stylings. Their fur tends to be rough and bristly and they do not like being pet or touched in the opposite direction the fur runs, as this can cause irritation, both to the wirehair beatfox's fur and skin as well as their mood.


The slime morph is a mutated morph that developed largely in underground communities which experienced mass mutation due to exposure during the horror plague. They are made of solid slime and lack the internal organs of other beatfox morphs. Their slime dissolves in water. The term 'soup' is a slang term referencing their appearance that has stuck resolutely. Their pups are called 'puddles' do to their inability to keep themselves composed yet, and are commonly carried in buckets while still learning to maintain a solid shape. They are associated with electro swing and other experimental styles of music.


The lucky morph is very cat-like and has cat-like markings, unlike other beatfoxes. They originate in the Taverne zone of Hearth and are closely associated with music derivative from or related to other forms of media, such as television shows or video games. Lucky morph beatfoxes are thought to attract and bestow good luck to and upon those in their proximity, though this superstition is not substantiated by evidence.


classical music + fancy european aesthetic Data pending.

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