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Desire Path Type

“Although they don't have a conventionally useful ability, desire path types can disrupt your entire landscaping job… Particularly if you own a flower garden.”

ID: 0980
Type: Desire Path
Category: Nature
Height:5.75 inches.
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Desire path types can create, remove, or redirect desire paths. Though there is no health cost for minor task, the cost scales with the size of the task.
Physical Appearance: Desire path types have a standard shape and a stout build. They have two arms and two legs. They have half-lidded euespots and pointed earnubs. A tract of markings resembling a desire path coil around desire path types, starting at the top of their head and coiling down to their leg. This tract appears worn into the TCP.
Voice: Dirt and pebbles crunching as if underfoot.
Skin: Soft moss.
Fluid: Sandy, soil.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Desire path types greatly prefer the outdoors, especially places with lots of grass and dirt. As their typing would imply, they spend much time creating desire paths in natural environments, though many aren't noticeable to complexes due to their size. These paths are incredibly useful for other TCPs, however- often showing safe routes for travel. They are active TCPs despite their slow moving nature, and spend much of their days wandering and exploring. They are social, but can get drained easily if not given enough downtime. They enjoy fresh food type products of any type, especially if they can be eaten on the go. These TCPs are often consulted if a community is making a new outdoor space and want to include TCP compatibility, leading to many jobs opening up for them in public spaces.

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