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“Data pending.”

ID: S098
Type: Quilt
Category: Form
Pronouns: He/him
Height: 9.25 inches
Ability: Remmy can sacrifice health to change objects or beings he touch into flat, quilted versions of themselves.
Physical Appearance: Remmy is a quilt type with a light pink body and a large, dolphin-shaped tail anomaly. His quilt has black edges and a checkerboard pattern that transitions from orange-and-blue to yellow-and-purple.

Remmy's outfit consists of wearing a black bow tie around his neck and the end of his tail.
Voice: Data pending.
Skin: Data pending.
Fluid: Data pending.
Special Attributes: Tail anomaly, designer modifier
History: Remmy is a member of the Felid Factor forums with the username [REMNANT_TREASURES]. He works as a professional tailor for a fashion company alongside Peg, dreaming of one day being able to produce his own creative designs. Marcel contacts Remmy after he sends her his portfolio with plans to collaborate. He is best friends with Alias and Foil.
Personality: Data pending.
Other Notes: Major character in FELID_FACTOR. Has a FFRP profile.


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