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Chelsea Smiles

Name: Chelsea Smiles
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: Immortal through demonhood- frozen mental age of around 22, Body age of 70 (Maybequest), 90 (Universal Constants)
Species: Maned Karacel
Height: 5'1
Home Zone: Consumption

This article contains mentions of Spit's cult and abuse of a sexual, psychological and ritual nature. Specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Chelsea is a member of the Smiles System, and takes the form of a maned karacel in headspace, lining up almost identically with her physical body pre-ritual mutilation.

As with every other member of the Smiles system, her shared physical body lacks a right arm and ears as a result of ritual mutilation, with weight fluctuating between “skinny” to “emaciated” depending on how well-fed she can get herself. The horns on her head are drilled into her skull, and are unremovable through normal means. Due to the removal of her ears, she has difficulty pinpointing the direction of sounds, especially if soft or whispered. Due to the way Morbitian Common works, she can also have difficulty understanding meanings of words if unfamiliar with the person she's speaking to, something that frustrates her greatly.

Her external clothes typically consist of whatever she can find that fits, though Chelsea personally prefers to dress in more masculine and neutral fashions, and would rather publicly go in underwear and rags than dresses or skirts. When fronting, her eyes resemble typical karacel slit pupils. It is unclear whether this is noticeable to others or whether this is stylization meant to indicate who's fronting for the audience.

Project Appearances

2023/03/03 10:44Pichi Moonrain
2020/02/21 00:45ringor mortis
2020/02/21 00:47ringor mortis


This section contains mentions of ritual, sexual, psychological and physical abuse. Click to view contents.

Upon discovering that she was part of a multiple system (namely through hearing system members yell at her on the job), Chelsea was able to do research and proceeded to send herself into denial for years, refusing to acknowledge both her own status as a system member and any of the others' existences as real. This only proceeded to make the other system members madder, and conflict arose until she could no longer deny it, and bargaining between the system members began- with the caveat that none of them were allowed to share their secret, if they could help it.

As a system member, Chelsea formed as a result of the “original” main fronter of the system latching onto a character in a theatre production, the character's role as a redeemable villain's accomplice resonating with her in her struggles to fit in amidst a traumatic (and heavily religious) family background. Chelsea is unaware of her role as an introject and has attributed her lack of memory before the ritual to the job wearing her out, and has no intention of digging up her past before this.

While working for Spit, Chelsea met Bucket, the demon and (unwilling) partner of Rein. Even after a rough start to their initial meeting, Chelsea found herself falling for them, and the two began a relationship in secret after years of pining for each other and dancing around the subject.

In Maybequest, it has been revealed that Chelsea and Anya Artag have worked together, and Chelsea disapproved heavily of how Anya worked on Devil's Advocacy. It is unclear to what extent Chelsea was involved, and what role she played in the program, though it is likely she was just there to oversee.

By modern day, she and Bucket have been physically separated, though the exact reasons as to why have been unclear so far.


Around the time of Ashtray (26 years before Universal Constants/modern day), Chelsea can be described as a pessimistic but adaptable person who gets back up when pushed down. She is subject to horrible acts on a near-daily basis as a result of living and working with Spit, but remains standing and perseveres all the same. It's clear from her relationship with Bucket that she can be a very loving person as well, though her insecurity about herself and her ability to deliver in a relationship is equally apparent.

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This section contains mentions and implications of sexual, physical, and ritual abuse. Click to reveal content.

Bucket Judgment

Chelsea is Bucket's partner, and the two of them are very much in love. Years of pining for each other lead to a relationship in secret, kept hidden from Bucket's master and public-facing partner, Rein. In modern day, the two are physically separated, though Chelsea still considers the two of them together, and tries to barely keep herself together for the day they can hopefully be reunited again.

Bucket is the only person who can consistently make Chelsea smile, and the only person who Chelsea allows to touch her.


Chelsea has stayed at Rein's manor multiple times over the course of working for Spit, mainly out of necessity- needing to heal after particularly nasty bouts with her god. She does not get along with the god at all, and is generally seen as a disgusting creature to be pitied. Due to her relationship with Bucket, she also personally sees Rein as someone to be taken down along with Spit someday, and plots revenge against it for the acts of violence and abuse it's committed against her partner.


Chelsea has met Miller at Rein's manor multiple times before, mostly on holidays. She finds the lesser god a little bit grating, her fondness of Rein especially irritating.

Amber Smiles

Chelsea can't help but look down on Amber a little, finding her a bit immature.

Harvey Smiles

Chelsea does not get along with Harvey much, finding her attitude patronizing.

Derry Smiles

Chelsea finds Derry uncomfortable to be around, especially when it's in its self destructive moods. She does not understand its behavior at all, and is especially distressed to find it so drawn to Spit.

Bazil Smiles

Chelsea and Bazil fight constantly, with Bucket being a common point of argument. Bazil sees Bucket as an unnecessary risk, while Chelsea sees Bucket as the love of her life and someone she couldn't bear to be apart from. The fact that Chelsea denied Bazil's existence especially doesn't help.


Chelsea does not interact with either of the system snakes if she can help it, and finds their presences intrusive and unsettling. They do like to target her in particular, though.


Chelsea does not interact with either of the system snakes if she can help it, and finds their presences intrusive and unsettling. They do like to target her in particular, though.

Lina Smiles

Chelsea is awkward around Lina for reasons she just can't pin down, though part of it may have to do with the fact that she can't give them the safe environment that they clearly need and want.

Pheles Smiles

Chelsea and Pheles do not interact much, and are awkward around each other whenever forced to be around the other person.


Chelsea finds Matthias to be one of her least favorite people in Spit's entire cult, which is saying something. She finds his attraction to Spit to be especially detestable.

Anya Artag

Chelsea had worked with Anya on multiple occasions, and had been severely injured by her on most of those occasions. The two of them did not get along, and Spit was perfectly fine with her main demon injuring Chelsea.


Chelsea had encountered May when the maybecat was a child, and helped her escape a particularly nasty incident with Anya. It is unclear the extent of how involved Chelsea was in May's childhood beyond that.

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