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Name: OBJ
Creator: Anne
Home Zone: East Luxson
Project Appearances: TBA
Species Development Thread: Species Development: OBJ

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW.

OBJ are a species that has deviated from their origins as corvice due to the radical effect the Luxson Horror Plague had on the corvice. Corvice caught in the wake of the plague experienced violent cranial explosions and the rapid shedding of their fur, scales, or features along their torso and legs. These corvice became the OBJ, a race of bipedal, headless creatures with a very wide variety of shapes and forms.


Originating in Luxson, they were created by the mass irradiation and subsequent transformation of corvice populations across the cluster. They have no discernable origin morph due to the circumstances of their transformation.

The devastating Luxson Horror Plague was in 296 RE, the modern era is considered to start at 316 RE. OBJ around 20 years or younger were born OBJ while OBJ older than 20 years old were, at some point, corvice, and went through the mutation process.



OBJs are still largely concentrated to the Luxson Cluster and have yet to distribute beyond the island cluster in large numbers. The few OBJ that exist outside of the island cluster are either similarly mutated corvice or the few that have emigrated out of Luxson.

Head Casings

OBJ heads are loose slime which more often than not requires specialty designed head casings to contain and protect the delicate slime. The head casing is a central theme of OBJ fashion, accessibility, and culture. With it being such a distinctive and unique feature of the OBJ, it's become an exceedingly important aspect of the species lives. OBJ will traditionally have custom cases manufactured but there are standard and mass-produced cases that are available to those who are less financially stable. OBJ living outside of the Cluster often must import cases from the islands, as the cases take specific manufacturing to function properly. Head casings often reflect both status and personal taste, with its quality showing how much money an OBJ, or their family, is willing to invest.

Corvice Tradition

Older OBJ are split on their opinions of corvice traditions. Some reject them and consider their new existence as OBJ as a sort of apotheosis while others strictly adhere to the sometimes obsolete culture. Conversely, young OBJ lack the perspective on what it meant to be a corvice and what culture there was and instead have largely adopted the eastern Luxson culture and aesthetics, especially due to their close living with beatfoxes.

OBJ are more social due to this drift from traditional corvice reservations, and large social gatherings and community events are common and encouraged.


OBJ have largely adopted the religious relationship that the beatfoxes have with their god, XXI, and, while a vocal minority still sticks to the late Anne's teachings, the worship of Anne has largely been abandoned by modern OBJ. There are some that worship Fallow and a small minority that worship Stope. Worship beyond the island cluster is regional.


The act of mutation was a devastating affair, many died in the process of becoming OBJ and there have since been procedures developed to prevent these kinds of catastrophic events in the future. These procedures are largely specialized and often require a visit to a Luxson cluster clinic, as the teachings have yet to be spread to Morbit at large.

Due to the long term effects of horror radiation, OBJ have very high rates of both physical and mental disability.


OBJ products and art take inspiration from both east and west Luxson aesthetics, especially in a sense of reclaiming the visual elements from east Luxson and adapting them into the new era.

Physical Goods

OBJ, like corvice, tend to prefer nest-like or enclosed sleeping arrangements. Hammocks, blanket forts, canopy beds, and enclosed bunks all work well. Bedding material is highly valued, and many OBJ enjoy gathering/collecting it. OBJ also enjoy collecting in general, getting great satisfaction from amassing a choice pile of clutter.


OBJ can have a hard time getting jobs outside of the Cluster due to their arm/wing configurations, though many can find specialty jobs that fit their niche. OBJ, now residing primarily under XXI's guidance, take part in the apprenticeship system. Some traditional corvice style schooling systems exist, but they are rare and often expensive. Getting work is far easier for OBJ in the Cluster, as corvice-based jobs can be filled with ease.


OBJ are deceptively good at fighting so long as they aren't punctured- getting hit with a wing can be compared to getting hit with a sack of wet cement. OBJ jaw strength varies based on the head casing, but particularly durable ones can break skin or even bite down to the bone.


Saying goodbye is bad luck.

Old stuff that isn’t cared for is bad karma.

Plants growing in concrete means good health for the home.

Not getting a good career early usually leads to an early death- remnant from corvice culture.


OBJ technology is very specialized, as they have unique challenges when it comes to manipulating items.

OBJ cell phones are larger than the ones used by the typical bipedal species, with a bottom screen and a tactile pad held nearly flush using some kind of specialized magnet technology. The pad can be moved along the bottom screen and tapped to make selections, allowing for OBJ, and corvice, to make selections with their large digits without any worry about fumbling or textural issues. These phones are made to be slime- and water-resistant as well to avoid any accidents and tend to require specialized repair.


OBJ are generally heavier set on average than most species, with thinner OBJ being far less common.

OBJ markings are rare, but typically consist of horizontal rings, usually circling the torso/legs entirely, but partial rings are not rare.

Their voices consist of awful slimy/sloshy sounds. Other species can find their voices gross and unappealing.

OBJ have head casings or containers, with a mouth mechanism built-in, that replace their lost heads. OBJ casings are typically based off of objects.OBJ without casings are extremely rare, and in the eyes of many, foolish, due to the sensitivity of OBJ slime.

OBJ with hair are rare, having it built into their casings.

“Typical” OBJ height range is 4'0-6'0, though there are always outliers.

OBJ have digitigrade legs.


OBJ have no internal organs and are merely slime inside an organic skin. OBJ slime is extremely sensitive, with puncture wounds causing extreme pain.

As OBJ lack a nervous system, their consciousness is distributed throughout their internal slime. Their consciousness works similarly to a TCP's, with detached parts of the body containing a degree of consciousness that fades given time and distance from the main body. Losing limbs or parts of the body is intensely distressing to an OBJ due to this consciousness loss, and can come with memory loss, loss of coordination, and emotional changes.

Limbs that are severed/amputated can be reattached if done quickly enough, so long as the slime within the limb is able to reconnect with the main body.

OBJ that were formerly corvice have a trauma response to physical harm, due to the traumatic experience of head bursting.

OBJ head casings often have jack o' lantern teeth, though other shapes exist.

OBJ aren't an excessively active species and grow sluggish in cold climates and weather.

Punctured OBJ tend to avoid water, as getting waterlogged is both extremely dangerous, painful, and unpleasant.

OBJ use their entire body to emote, partially due to no longer having much in the way of facial expressions. Shoulders in particular reflect an OBJ's mood.

OBJ sense their surroundings through awareness as opposed to direct sensory input from a complex organ, but are still entirely capable of the full range of senses.

OBJ love stimming.

Due to the delicate composition of their slime and its exposure to the air, some OBJ can develop conditions where they produce too much or too little slime. Excess slime production leads to “sludge drool”, vomiting, and headaches. Can be helped with medication, but it isn't cheap. Inadequate slime production leads to difficulty moving, overall sickness, and full-body weakness.

OBJ are omnivorous.

The OBJ lifespan averages around 90 years, reaching maturity at 18-20 years.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

OBJ reproduce sexually and are a unisex species.

As with the vast majority of Morbit species, OBJ identify as whatever fits best for them- however, they pronouns are very common.

OBJ give live birth, and typically only have one child. Baby OBJ are extremely fragile and require medical care as soon as possible to ensure their health remains stable. Baby OBJ have very thin skin and are often wrapped up in thick blankets and clothing to keep them safe.

Young OBJ are less adventurous than the young of most other species due to their fragile nature, and many keep to the indoors until it's safe for them to venture out into an unfamiliar environment. They are typically given a flexible head casing that expands along with them as they grow, replaced by a more permanent casing by the time they hit young childhood. These casings can still be replaced as they grow older based on personal preference and physical comfort, but it is an expensive procedure, and many opt for casings that still adjust with their growth.

OBJ have adopted the chosen family structure for the most part due to corvice schools disbanding, and due to their children needing more direct care than before. As such, families can get pretty big.

OBJ embrace both casual and committed relationships, though marriage is seen frequently.

OBJ leave the family for apprenticeships once their bodies are solid enough, those leaving earlier put themselves into sometimes unnecessary danger.


OBJ morphs only require they be based on an animal, regardless of what kind.

Mixed morph OBJ typically resemble hybrid animals, with those having heavily mixed parents resembling creatures no one has ever seen.

Head casings do not pass down, as they are artificial.

OBJ have hit their maximum mutation threshold, and are at high risk of turning terror if further exposed.

OBJ hybrids with other species are possible due to the OBJ's ability to crossbreed with pretty much anything that sexually reproduces, but said hybrids are often unstable and unhealthy due to the high amounts of horror mutation and possible biological incompatibility.



The first corvice morph created and thusly the most plentiful OBJ morph. Their wings are essentially large sacks of slime and are very dense. Despite their wings, bird OBJ are flightless. They are closely associated with East Luxson and Anne.


The bat OBJ morph came from the corvice morph of the same name. They developed due to underground communities in Luxson. They have very flexible bat wings with claw hands and very strong membranes. They are associated with Monte and Stope.


The bug OBJ morph came from the corvice morph of the same name. Their wings are often heavily patterned with bright colors, they have sharp claw hands. They are associated with Fallow and its island.


The mammal OBJ morph came from the corvice morph of the same name. Their furred arms reflect their animal species but often end in hands of some sort. Their diet can change wildly based on what sort of animal they are based upon. They are also associated with Fallow and its island.


The aquatic OBJ morph came from the corvice morph of the same name. This OBJ morph is amphibious with very strong skin. Their arms are fins and flippers and their diets are usually rich in sugar. They are associated with the seas of the Luxson Cluster.


Data pending.

"Normal" OBJ

Mutated/Modified OBJ

OBJ Hybrids

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