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Death God

“Data pending.”

ID: S087
Type: Ouroboros
Category: Creature
Pronouns: Death God
Height: 6 inches
Ability: A living being is randomly chosen within the range of this TCP’s aura, unknown to both the TCP and its target. Said target cannot die, even if pushed past the point of natural death.
Physical Appearance: Death God, like other ouroboros types, is a TCP with a long body, short arms, and a mouth. However, Death God's body is inverted and covered in Death God's fluid. Death God has a tail resembling a dry version of Death God's body - this makes it look like Death God and Death God's tail are biting each other in a loop, forming a figure eight shape.
Voice: One continuous stream of TCP babbling that fades in and out.
Skin: Crinkly white skin that resembles bone, only visible on Death God's tail.
Fluid: Drippy swamp-green fluid.
Special Attributes: Conditions: Inverted, Overclocked, Nullified
Anomalies: Skin, tail, fluid
Modifiers: Crinkly
History: Data pending.
Personality: Data pending.
Other Notes: Community-owned TCP. Bot-generated and commissioned by Infomantis.


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